Australia: Labor Kaputniks Find Refuge in Far Left Title Mills

KRudd goes to Harfart, G-Lard was just handed a lavishly gov’t/George Soros funded indoctrination portfolio for children @ the Brookings Institution. Nicola Roxon, coconspirator of the former Labor speech Gestapo, makes sure she also gets her pound of flesh:

University is the last refuge of the failed Labor Minister

Andrew Bolt

Our universities are extraordinarily generous in offering former Labor politicians refuge – and money.

This week’s example comes from Victoria’s most Left-wing university, which absurdly honours a former Attorney-General who tried to censor political debate at the workplace – which I kind of expected a university to deplore: 

UnknownThe (dis-)Honourable Nicola Roxon will become an Adjunct Professor within the College of Law and Justice at Victoria University.

A full list of such appointments would be telling.

Must get onto it.


Check, for instance, the list of Melbourne University’s Vice Chancellor’s Fellows:


And check the sole former Liberal MP chosen for “balance” – Petro Georgiou, more famous for his criticisms of the Howard Government’s policies than any he ever made of Labor.


Or take the fellows of the Senate of Sydney University.

They include a reconciliation activist who identifies as a Torres Strait Islander, an ABC staffer, an editor of the Left-wing Matilda, a Fairfax writer with a red bandana and pink politics, and one former ex-politician – yes, another Labor one, Verity Firth.


Monash University’s council has one former politician – Labor’s Simon Crean. Plus the Labor heroine Christine Nixon, the former Chief Commission who notoriously left the Black Saturday emergency centre to go eat with friends.