Come Fly With Me!

 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was quite a nutcase. He also was a fervent supporter of Anwar Ibrahim – jailed for homosexuality only hours before the Malaysia Airways jet disappeared


Around 500 “migrants” cross Melilla border in biggest fence jump to date

Europe has already turned into EUrabia. With the help of the EUSSR it is being turned into EURAFRICA:

Around 500 sub-Saharan immigrants succeeded in jumping the border fence separating the Spanish exclave of Melilla from Moroccan territory early Tuesday morning. The massive run on the fence took place around 8am near Nano river, several sources confirmed. This is the largest jump to date.

A high-ranking official at the Spanish Interior Ministry called the event “very worrisome” and said it underscored “the severe migratory pressure on both autonomous cities,” a reference to Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s two exclaves in North Africa.

Embiggened and emboldened: Mustards call for SHARIA in Londonistan

islamists-ukConvicted terrorists, extremist preachers and dozens of other Islamist activists rallied in East London on Saturday, in a sure sign that the newly founded ‘Need4Khilafah’ group is becoming increasingly emboldened in its anti-Western agitation efforts in the UK.

Kebab Jihad

Spain: Kebab shops financing global jihad

“Officials say the latest arrests demonstrate that Spain continues to be central to the ambitions of the global jihadist movement, which says it is committed to establishing a worldwide Caliphate.” This is because Spain, like Israel, is on land that was once ruled by Islamic law…. (JW)

Police in Spain and Morocco break up alleged terrorism ring

  • Suspects reportedly recruited volunteers to fight in Syria, Mali and Libya
  • Sting proves “excellent” level of cooperation against Al Qaeda, say official sources

Spanish and Moroccan security officials have arrested seven Islamist fundamentalists devout Muslims who were allegedly in charge of recruiting volunteers to fight in the conflicts in Syria, Mali and Libya, law enforcement authorities said Friday.

Cleric’s hate sermons from the village hall: Firebrand can broadcast to Middle East on his satellite channel because Ofcom is powerless to act


It seems the only power left in once great Britain is to keep truth tellers like Spencerman and Gellerwoman out:

  • Sheikh Yasser al-Habib accused of stirring tension from Buckinghamshire
  • Allegedly made remarks on air considered deeply offensive to Sunnis
  • He was granted asylum in UK in 2004 after being jailed in native Kuwait
  • Ofcom can place no restrictions on broadcasts out of Britain and Europe

A firebrand Muslim cleric is being allowed to broadcast hate sermons to the Middle East from a pretty Home Counties village because the regulator Ofcom is powerless to act.

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, 34, is accused of stirring up bitter sectarian tensions in the Islamic world via his UK-licensed satellite channel, which is based in a former Christian church hall in a leafy corner of Buckinghamshire.

His station, Fardak TV, is required to comply with Ofcom’s strict rules banning hate speech for any programmes that can be watched by British or European viewers.

But the communications regulator can place no restrictions on what he broadcasts to the rest of the world because this is out of its jurisdiction. (Daily Mail)

Obummer spends big on books for Ouagadougou!

Your taxpayer dollars at work.–Read More »

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