Geert Wilders sued for wanting "fewer Moroccans" in the country

Dhimmi Prime Minister Mark Rutte criticised Wilders, saying his comments “left a bad taste in the mouth”.

Rutte should wash his mouth, brush his teeth and grow a spine.

“He again has gone too far,” he told local news.

Rutte needs to go. Straight into retirement.

Dutch politician Wilders sued over poll vow

Far-right politician Geert Wilders tells supporters he will ensure there are “fewer Moroccans” in the Netherlands. (Al Jizz & AFP)

Geert Wilders is a Social Democrat, not “Far Right”. It is outrageous that the invading soldiers of allah are in a position to sue a patriot and an elected politician of a country they seek to bring into the fold of Islam. This is an absurdity that has to stop.


The largest Moroccan grouping in the Netherlands has said it will file a complaint against far-right politician Geert Wilders, after he told supporters he would ensure there were “fewer Moroccans” in the country.

“Today we are meeting police where we’ll file a discrimination-based complaint against Wilders,” Habib el Kaddouri, a coordinator at the Grouping of Dutch-Moroccans Foundation (SMN), told AFP news agency on Thursday.


Television pictures late on Wednesday showed Wilders in The Hague asking supporters after local government elections whether they wanted “fewer or more Moroccans in your city and in the Netherlands?”.

“Fewer! Fewer!” the crowd shouted, with a smiling Wilders answering: “We’re going to organise that.”

“We believe by targeting a specific group, Wilders this time has gone too far,” El Kaddouri said, referring to a 2011 court case that saw the politician acquitted on hate-speech charges.

The court ruled that Wilders had targeted a religion, which is permitted under Dutch freedom of speech laws, rather than a specific ethnic group.

‘Freedom of speech’

Wilders, who is often reviled in Dutch immigrant communities for his fiery anti-Islam rhetoric, has in the past compared the Quran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and has called Islam a fascist religion.

In the run-up to Wednesday’s local elections he canvassed on an anti-Moroccan ticket, last week saying a city like The Hague could do “with fewer Moroccans”.

Wilders told supporters on Wednesday he was allowed to ask the question because it fell under freedom of speech “and we have said nothing we’re not allowed to”.

“Statements like these however make us feel very insecure,” El Kaddouri said.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte also criticised Wilders, saying his comments “left a bad taste in the mouth”.

“He again has gone too far,” he told local news agency ANP.

Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) candidates stood in two cities on Wednesday, seeking a morale boost ahead of May’s European Parliament elections.

The PVV won in Almere, east of Amsterdam, and came second in The Hague.

9 thoughts on “Geert Wilders sued for wanting "fewer Moroccans" in the country”

  1. Wilders is a Hero for speaking the truth about islam and its demented Zombies!
    Holland’s Prime Minister, on the other hand, is a total Piece of Traiterous Crap, and ought to be dragged from his office by outraged Dutch men and women, and imprisoned for the remainder of his scurvy life. There is nothing lower than an anti-White appeaser of muslims, which Mark Rutte is.
    Geert Wilders ought to be Holland’s next PM. He is the only person who can remove the islamic Scourge that’s threatening the very survival of the nation as a civilized one!

  2. Agree Dave, Widers is a courageous and honest man, and he is the complete opposite of the ratbags that try to damage him.

  3. In what currency are those dirty old shimmies rewarded? Cash? Multiple wives? Little pre-pubescent girls ? Little boys?

  4. Geert Wilders, my hero. It’s a pity the UK politicians haven’t similar backbones.

  5. Do I have to go into my “Islam is a CRIME syndicate!” rant yet again?!

    Wilders is only saying “I want less criminals in my country!” so of course the criminals are trying to sue him for saying it! Unreal.

    It’s almost as bad as seeing Pam Geller say “I don’t know if muslims think they are superior to non-muslims” when telling them ‘god’ wants them all to think that, is what the Qur’an’s all about! Dismaying to see her say she believes all people – muslims! – are individuals to her, and will always be treated as such, when in fact it’s their membership in their crime-gang which comes under scrutiny. By their own official rules, as detailed in their war-and-crime-manual, should be judge them.

    Islam promotes its mob-rule mentality group-might-made-rights over those of all individuals, a stance which it inherited from Arab tribalism, so to ignore that is a crime of negligence, IMHO.

    Even the critical thinking logical fallacy preferred by the muslim’s liberal defenders embodies the extortion might-made-rights meme: “Islam isn’t evil because we (i.e: you) all do it, too!” really only means “we never have any choice but to Submit because we will always be outnumbered when it comes to mindless evil!” Group mob-rule might always infers the false right to become and remain irresponsibly wrong, never the responsibility to become right. When was the last time we heard of a group of people ever come together to better themselves and/or the lives of others? Maybe once, in the unusual circumstances of the American revolution’s founding fathers? Even the Biblical prophets and reformers were most often ostracized loners. How often do we hear “A mob spontaneously formed to give to charity!” as opposed to “A mob formed to riot and loot stores!”? It’s obvious that group rights are only idolatrous alibi excuses used by criminals.

  6. Wilder is an insane thing that needs to be totally ignored. He definitely does not represent the real Dutch people that the whole world know. My guess is that his presence in the Dutch media is approaching its end. Shortly, no one will even remember his name, because he’s just an ass****.

  7. No Sanne, you are the ASS. Widers has made truthful and honest comments, and if you do not like what he has said, then this reflects squarely on you and not on Wilders. And yes, he does represent a growning number of Dutch people who are cocerned with the welfare of THEIR country. I suggest that you try and understand what he has said, assuming that you have even him or read his work.

  8. You spelled your name wrong. Did you mean COW? Sorry my time is precious, and don’t want to waste it on reading what that hideous writes or what you write. I do read a lot but of those who bring positive change to this world and not catastrophes. You make us feel embarrassed to say we’re Dutch. Shame on you!

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