Not 'climate change', Islam is the most serious threat that the UK and this world face’.

Somehow, the Milibandits and PM David Camoron didn’t get the memo.

Posted by Melanie Phillips

Nonsense on stilts, the new political compulsion

Anti-science, anti-reason, anti-intellectual freedom: today’s British political class.

Climate change activist dressed as polar bearBritain not only has a Prime Minister who believe nonsense on stilts, but also has a potential Prime Minister who believes that only people who believe in nonsense on stilts should be permitted to be part of the British government.

In the House of Commons yesterday the Prime Minister, David Cameron, when pushed by the Labour leader and anthropogenic global warming zealot Ed Miliband to ‘tell the truth about climate change’, said:

‘I believe that man-made climate change is one of the most serious threats that this country and this world face’.

This is nonsense. AGW is a scam. There is no credible scientific evidence to show any change in the global pattern of normal climate fluctuation over the centuries, and nothing to tie this non-existent change to increases in carbon dioxide. The global climate has been flat-lining for more than a decade while carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise.

Contrary to the myth-makers, there are many hundreds of eminent scientists who say the AGW theory is wholly without foundation. The so-called ‘evidence’ for AGW, some of which has been shown to be an outright fraud, has been mostly produced by dodgy computer modelling based on dodgy data producing dodgy predictions which are an affront to science. It is produced by researchers who are either ideological zealots for whom the actual evidence of declining global temperatures has to be hidden; who know that grant-funding or professional advancement is conditional upon their ‘research’ producing conclusions that support AGW theory; or who are third-rate minds who go along with either or both of the above without even realising what’s happening.

Earlier this week, the co-founder of Greenpeace told a Senate committee there was no scientific evidence that human activity was warming the planet. Canadian ecologist Patrick Moore pointed out, moreover, that from 1910 to 1940 there was an increase in global average temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius. Then there was a 30-year ‘pause’ until 1970. This was followed by an increase of 0.57 degrees Celsius from 1970 to 2000. As Moore observes:

‘The increase in temperature between 1910-1940 was virtually identical to the increase between 1970-2000. Yet the IPCC does not attribute the increase from 1910-1940 to “human influence”… They are clear in their belief that human emissions impact only the increase “since the mid-20th century.” Why does the IPCC believe that a virtually identical increase in temperature after 1950 is caused mainly by “human influence,” when it has no explanation for the nearly identical increase from 1910-1940?’

Why indeed. The panic over AGW is demonstrably bogus. Yet the Labour leader Ed Miliband went on to demand of the Prime Minister, in respect of those ministers who are sceptical of AGW:

‘Is he happy to have climate change deniers in his Government?’


‘The whole country will have heard that the Prime Minister cannot answer the question about whether people need to believe in man-made climate change to be part of his Government…if we are properly to protect the British people against the threats that they face, we cannot have doubt and confusion in the Government on the issue of climate change’.

So now we know: only one view on this matter is to be tolerated under a Miliband Prime Ministership. The wrong view. To qualify for political advancement, all politicians will have to declare that sunshine can be produced from cucumbers. Anti-science, anti-reason, anti-intellectual freedom: today’s British political class.