Hamas asking Israel for restraint?

Hamas head sent message to Netanyahu asking for restraint

When Muslims are weak, they ask for a hudna, a temporary ceasefire to regroup:


Intermediary Gershon Baskin confirms he was passed message by contact in room with Ismail Haniyeh, asking Israel to keep from escalating violence. (The Times of Israel)  

Pali Work Accident:

Hamas field commander killed in explosion in Rafah

Nine other Hamas militants injured in blast, that was a result of an explosive device accidentally going off.


“…to instill the love of jihad in their tender little hearts:” (Feiz Mohammed)

French troops kill 4 Seleka fighters in Bangui

Meanwhile, five Christian anti-balaka militiamen were killed Saturday in an attack on Kilometer 5, a predominantly Muslim district of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, eyewitnesses said.

frenchsoldierFour Seleka fighters were killed Saturday by French troops in Ndele, 600km north of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.The fatalities occurred during a mission by French troops to  disarm Seleka fighters in the city. (World Bull )

Wasn’t meant to be:


Pamela and Robert had agreed to a debate with HuT-linked Islamic apologists on Monday evening. Both were happy to do so for free, as long as the event would be free to attend and the promoter would pay for our security. But when Pamela and Robert found out that the Islamic group was actually charging for the event, both said they want to be paid for their time, or they would not come. Now there will be no debate between Pamela and Robert and Islamic apologists on Monday. (Q-Society)


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  1. Something Impossible ????
    Absolutely !!!!

    If islam-muslims (STUPIDS) WOULD see themselves through non-muslim eyes.
    Never Happen – because – they have too much invested in their own ‘religious‘ stupidity – but this could change (????).

    Either way the islam Brain/Mind/Soul Virus is TERMINAL – for muslims – andfor their Assisters and Enablers.

    Just messin’ with your muslim mind (but) – giggle – reality – stranger than fiction.

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