Japan submits: Chubu Airport to provide prayer rooms and Halal food

Japan: Chubu Airport to provide prayer rooms and Halal food

Chubu AirportChubu Airport will open prayer rooms and offer halal foods for Muslim travelers to coincide with the start of a new route to Malaysia, Central Japan International Airport Co. announced March 4.

“(Malaysia) is a region full of vitality, and we have great expectations that the number of visitors from there will increase,” said Kenichi Suzuki, director of the company’s sales promotion planning division. “I hope to make the airport a place that Muslim people will look forward to visiting again.”

Be careful what you wish for, Suzuki. (Continued below the fold)

No Jihad to see here, move on:

Western Media denies the global jihad element in the China attack:


Western media downplay jihad in China mass-murder attack

Western media downplay jihad in China mass-murder attack

The denial is near-total. The governments of the West determinedly insist that every jihad attack has nothing to do with Islam, even when the perpetrators invoke Islamic texts and teachings in order to explain and justify their actions. The FBI has scrubbed all mention of Islam and jihad from counter-terror training materials. The mainstream media […] Continue Reading »

Progress in Brunei: how can anyone not like stoning and head chopping?

Sultan of Brunei hits back at foreign criticism of looming implementation of Sharia law that will introduce amputations and stonings as punishments

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah told legislators Thursday that all races should unite and support the laws, which he said were a ‘great achievement for the country, and not a backward or old-fashioned step.’ …

More submission to the strange god and false prophet at MailOnline (thanks to Mullah pbuh)

Halal Japan (continued)

According to officials, the airport will open a prayer room on the second floor of the terminal building on March 17, the first day of the new route to Malaysia. The carpeted 20-square-meter space will have an arrow on the ceiling pointing toward Mecca, the holiest city in Islam.

A similar facility will be set up in the international departure area on the third floor in April, the officials said.

Narita, Kansai, New Chitose and other airports in Japan have similar prayer spaces for Muslims, the officials said.

Because Islamic law bans the consumption of alcohol and pork, some restaurants in the Chubu Airport terminal building will feature menus with items that do not contain such ingredients.

The start of the new services is in line with the opening of budget carrier AirAsia X’s new route linking the airport with Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, a country where Muslims account for 60 percent of the population.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the number of visitors from Malaysia last year rose by 35.6 percent from the previous year to a record 176,500, thanks to easier requirements for tourist visas and Malaysia’s steady economic growth.

Chubu Airport has had only one route to the Islamic world–flights to Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, offered by the country’s Etihad Airways.

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