Melbourne: Far Left Loons, Useful Idiots and Feral Rabble Disrupt Q-Society Welcome Party for SION Guests



Last night, our gracious hosts held a cocktail reception for the speakers and some friends at a local restaurant here in Melbourne. The happy and low-key crowd was taken aback when a gang of screaming, chanting, frothing-at-the-mouth fascist thugs suddenly appeared at the door, trying to get into the room. Our security detail held them back, but the fascists dropped leaflets declaring that they would be disrupting all of our events throughout the weekend.

Australia: Fascists storm freedom activists’ cocktail party

Click on the link for Robert Spencer’s report on what happened last night.


First pictures from the Q-Societies SION event in Melbournistan:

Feral rabble somehow got wind of our welcoming party for Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish & Gavin Boby tonight. They noisily  tried to break through security  at a downtown hotel,  shouting slogans. Some of them succeeded, but were thrown out shortly afterwards. As always, their arguments are nothing but idiotic accusations of “racism” and threats, like “smash the Q-Society”.   If you happen to know some of them, please let us know who they are so we can inform authorities. Here’s the first pictures:

feralsThat was the mob  trying to gatecrash. All of them seemed to be on some kind of drugs:

iPhotoScreenSnapz016These guys were ready for a little scuffle but security took care of ’em….


This guy did make it through the door. Some Q-people tried to reason with him, but  to no avail. He was removed by security. But a short while later he was seen standing outside holding up a cardboard sign:


Here he is again with  his female sidekick, who also  held up a placard after security kicked them out:

iPhotoScreenSnapz011You wonder how many refugees these humanitarians are housing in their basements. The church with the welcoming sign below was right next to the venue. Not sure how many refugees the priest is housing in it:

Welcome Refugees

Here’s the first interview  with Robert and Pamela on SBS WorldNews, recorded Friday afternoon in Melbourne.

15 thoughts on “Melbourne: Far Left Loons, Useful Idiots and Feral Rabble Disrupt Q-Society Welcome Party for SION Guests”

  1. Their signs:”Muslims are welcome here! We won’t let fear control us!”

    Such a truly astounding, amazingly obvious display of blatant hypocrisy!

    Wow. I’m almost speechless myself after that showcasing of feral rabidity!


  2. My computer wouldn’t play the SBS video, but I read the comments below the article. Not many; but the majority were Islamosavvy and not fooled at all.
    Here’s one, from “Budvv” – “I don’t see Rintoul’s assertion that our fears of Islam are unfounded. Have a look at North Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, the twin towers, Western Sydney, Ben Brika, the Bali Bombings.
    “Now tell me again what nice peaceful people Muslims are. I keep forgetting”.

  3. Welcome to Oz
    Never ever give up your struggle. Every day another story educates the population and resistance will grow.
    These are morons generally on welfare which our previous leftist government let in. You will see the Greens crying to the cameras that we should nurture these rejects.
    Please have a safe visit.

  4. These left wing thugs should be removed from society – they are useless parasitic buffoons – who are of little value but consume a great deal.

    Sadly it appears a MAS flight from KL to Beijing has vanished. Out of respect to the families of those who are missing one should not say too much, however it appears that there were unexpected deviations to the flight immediately prior to its dissappearance, and the capatain and first officer both appear to be muslims. It is not unknown that muslims in control of an aircraft have deliberately destroyed the aircraft and those onboard to satisfy their own little form of religious perversion. muslims are incredibly selfish – one prays that those onboard are safe but this may be another demonbstration of muslim violence.

  5. Its possible kaw, I seem to recall the Egytian plane was flown into the ground by an Allah Akbar yelling pilot. I’d never travel on any airline owned or operated by muslims so avoid Virgin (part owned by them) and Qantas if going to Europe and Emirates would have to be used. (I also avoid Virgin as they cherry-picked the profitable routes out of Qantas’s network on which to compete, leaving Qantas to handle the smaller less profitable routes alone).

    Those thugs are like all on the left – full of unjustified self pride and condescension towards those they see as their inferiors and patronise, i.e. muslims. From that lofty platform they will never see things from the muslim point of view, i.e. that it is the muslims who are the ones who are above them, not the other way around.

  6. With 2 passengers on board this flight using stolen passports, it’s starting to look like islam at work.

  7. Hopefully security was appropriately rough with them.

    i.e. bashed the daylights out of them ha ha.

  8. “. . .tried to reason with him. . .” The only thing you do with white-trash Race Traitors is to give them a dedicated Shite-kicking. You do NOT debate anything with them. Just tell them to F**ck off while beating them to a pulp. . .

    That IS how you treat the Human Garbage–there is no other way!

  9. It was a real pleasure to meet Pamella today what a brave woman to stand up to the Fascist Left who act as stormtroopers for hire .
    It is unfortunate that the Jewish community leadership boycotted the event under the guise of ‘Multiculturalism’. and went into hiding, so much for diversity of views in the Jewish community as long as it is the party line and fits into the Leftist/Progressive worldly views.
    They are S. scared to offend the Muslim community . After inviting an Israeli Academic an expert on Islamic Islamic and Arab studies as their guest speaker to address the Jewish community they dropped him and him gave him the cold shoulder when they found out he was speaking at the International Liberty and Islam Conference.

    I quote one of the J. Communities most seniors leaders in a recent statement …

    ” Jews in Australia as elsewhere around the world, worship, study and work under the protection of high fences, armed guards and other security apparatus. They go on to say this will remain the case for the foreseeable future.”

    If only our ‘male’ Jewish community leaders had the courage of three Brave Jewish woman namely Pamela Gellar, Melanie Phillips and Nitsana Darshan Leitner .
    Is it any wonder the speakers were warning us about intimidation and fear in our community , this is an example.

  10. I remember one of these sub human retards dancing around singing ” your dad worked in auschwitz”. The retard doesn’t know that hitlers biggest supporter was the grand mufti of Jerusalem , who encouraged him to go commit the genocide. These subhuman freaks are supporting hitler and an ideology even worse whilst calling themselves “anti fascists”.

  11. what a bunch of dum shits those who follow islam believe that any 1 who is not a islamic believer should b beheaded and u want these fkers in Australia get a life and wake up 2 the truth they r not refugees they r invaders and have stated there flag will fly over the parliament house here by 2050 no way will i surrender 2 there way fight them 2 the end

  12. Sheik, I’m a member of Q and attended SION in Melbourne last weekend. I spoke to some of those protesters outside the pub that night, waving their placcards, and accusing us of “racism” and spreading “fear and hatred” against Muslims. They were from a group called Anti-Fascist Action – which surely must be something of
    an oxymoron. I asked them if they had read the Quran, or the Hadiths, or any other Islamic scriptures? One young man said he “had read a few quotes”, and one of the women replied, “Well .. er .. no .. not really!” Not the sort of answers that would get them through Islam 101.

    I then asked the young woman why she was defending a religion which she obviously knew nothing about? But again she was lost for words. I asked if any of them understood Islam’s social, economic, political, and military agenda of conquest? And whether they understood what was meant by the Muslim doctrines of Hijra?
    Taqiyya? Stealth Jihad? Dhimmitude? and the Jizya? And if they were aware of the raw deal most women get under Islam? Again, their silence condemned them. Their ignorance was appalling, but they still saw fit to protest against a group which stands for all the values enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    One woman claimed that wearing a hijab was purely ‘a woman’s choice’. But when I pointed out that women teachers at the Islamic College of South Australia were ordered to wear hijabs or be sacked, all she could say was, “I don’t believe that!” But readers can check this story for themselves here:

    On a brighter note, a number of other young people also stopped to watch the protest. Initially, some of them were also defensive of Islam and Muslim immigration, but after answering their many questions (for about half an hour), they changed their minds completely.

    Most people I spoke to, said the symposium was a great success. Before the main presentations on Sunday, a Christian minister told me that he was hesitant about attending and didn’t quite know what to expect. But when I spoke to him again after the event, he said he was extremely glad that he came, and learned far more about Islam than he ever imagined.

  13. I find it incredulous that those on the receiving end of hate speeches , vilification , Intimidation and Judeophobia that dare defend them selves and attempt to give examples of intolerance are the ones themselves accused of being racists . Jews in Multicultural Australia are forced to spend tens of Millions of dollars protecting their community, Synagogues, Day schools and even visiting Israeli and Jewish athletes , Politicians, Artists and other guests from so called Extremists and Islamists . Who are the racists and bigots that force one tiny religious community to live under siege . I just don’t get it.

    A Former head of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Com­mission (ADC), Deborah Stone said in part that because the Muslim population was growing and is more than triple the size of the Jewish population there was sympathy towards extremist ideologies she sited Extremist Hiz- but- Tahir as an example. She went on to say that the Muslim community needed to be monitored and that the Jewish community is facing increased opposition and attacks fuelled by opposition to Israel. She also said
    there is a increasing grey area between antisemitism and anti-Zionism.

    Another prominent Jew and Human Rights advocate Jeremy Jones AM from Sydney who monitors anti-Semitism stated, “One of the most significant developments over the last 20 years is the growth of a diverse, dynamic Muslim community which has segments which are actively anti-Jewish”.

    A quote from an article in the National Observer, “Multiculturalism and the Middle East Terrorism”, by Melbourne writer and commentator, Mr Raymond Watson who is not Jewish.

    ‘The Imam of Sydney’s largest Mosque delivered a virulently anti-Semitic speech to a Muslim student group at Sydney University. He described Jews as the underlying cause of all wars threatening the peace and security of the whole World. He went on to accuse Jews of a malicious disposition towards all mankind, blamed Jews for the use of sex and abominable acts of buggery, espionage, treason and economic hoarding to control the world.’

    Mr Watson stated that this wasn’t the first time Imams have uttered such virulent tirades & hate speech.

    Watson went on to say “Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque, serving Australia’s largest community of Muslims, is the meeting place of the Islamic Youth Movement that publishes ‘Voice of Islam’, which has printed respectful interviews with Usama Bin Laden and broadcast his Fatwas to kill Jews and Americans.”

    Who are the Racists and Bigots ?

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