Open your arms, Australia! Welcome your Afghan 'translators'….


Because, you see, the poor dears worked as translators for Australian troops in Afghanistan, and therefore, now that we are (at long last) leaving that sharia-crazed hell-pit, their ever lovin’ mohammedan bros in the Ummah will fall upon them and their families (their spouses, children, sisters and cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, etc,) and murder them on the basis that by collaborating with the Dirty Unbelievers they have shown themselves to be Insufficiently Islamic.

The only problem is that it is highly unlikely that any of these people so generously offered a free ride to one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, with anxious folks fawningly hastening to cushion their landing among us – and meanwhile, will it even occur to anybody to consider the mere possibility of offering, say, 800 special visas for the genuinely-threatened-with-jihad-genocide Assyrian Christians of either Iraq or Syria, or the imperilled and persecuted Copts of Egypt?? – will abandon the ideology of Islam and embrace either Christianity or nonreligion.  It is far more likely that they will cling to the very same Islam that motivates those who would kill them.   Why, why, why can we not let in 800 to one thousand easy-to-assimilate Christians, rather than another 800 to a thousand smiling, lying mohammedans, some of whom most assuredly will (or their offspring, in the next generation) Go Jihad on us, spectacularly and mass-murderously, sooner or later, and probably sooner rather than later?  

An infuriating report from the ABC’s Giselle Wakatama.

“Displaced Afghan Translators Make NSW Hunter Valley Their Home”.

And how many giant mosques will start popping up in the midst of one of Australia’s oldest and richest wine-growing regions? – CM

“The Hunter Valley is again opening its arms to people displaced by war, with hundreds of Afghan translators being resettled in Newcastle.

That is: hundreds of Afghan Muslims.  Displaced by a war that is basically driven by Islam, Islam, Islam. – CM

‘The Australian Government, acknowledging the risks faced by Afghan translators helping Coalition troops in their fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, has previously announced the provision of 800 special visas for translators and their families.

Just how many people are we talking about, here?  Why, why, why import another thousand or so Muslims…from one of the most fanatically, crazily, violently Muslim parts of the whole of planet earth?  – CM

‘The ABC can reveal that as part of a wider resettlement program, about 280 of these visas are earmarked for Afghans (that is: Afghan Muslims – CM) due to resettle in Newcastle.

‘It is understood around 200 have already arrived in the region, but housing them all is proving a challenge.

And are we also going to pay for the great big mosques that will, in due time, be demanded? – CM

‘The ABC also understands there are fears for relatives left behind, with reports of attacks by the Taliban as payback for the help provided to Coalition troops.

How many “relatives” are we talking about?  Whole villages full? Whole tribes full?  We’re not dealing with nuclear families, here.  Think, dozens of cousins, who will all claim to be mortally endangered unless they can be got onto a plane to Australia.  Prepare for the endless sob stories as thousands more Afghan Muslims prepare to engage in al-hijra, inveigling their way into the heart of dar al Harb (the zone of War), even as their brethren in Afghanistan screech with rage at the very idea of any non-Muslim being present on Afghan Muslim “turf”. – CM

The Hunter region is no stranger to helping people displaced by war.

“Under Operation Safe Haven, Singleton Army Base housed 500 people displaced from Kosovo in 1999.

Yup.  And they weren’t the Catholic or Orthodox Christians who are being persecuted there, and their churches desecrated and destroyed, today. They were Albanian Muslims to a  man (and woman).  And if they behaved as did others of their ilk who were housed at another Army Base in Australia, then I’ll bet they behaved abominably.

I found out all about the Albanian Muslims quartered at Puckapunyal in Victoria in the 1990s, in a most instructive thread at Jihadwatch, some years ago. Present in the forum was an Aussie soldier who had worked at that base at the time and had a grim story to tell, from first-hand experience, of the monstrous behaviour – and the monstrous sense of entitlement – displayed by those Albanian Muslims.  Just click on the following link, scroll down, and read:

Excerpt: “After seeing the Kosovar Albanian refugees at Puckapunyal (Australian Army Base north of Melbourne) I find it really hard to believe that Albanian Muslims can be anything but “honourable”.  The behaviour these people displayed whilst here in Australia could be summed up as nothing more than disgraceful, and if the Australian Media reported on what happened at Pucka **as well as Singleton** (School of Infantry, northern NSW) then these people (Albanians) would of [have] been seen in a different light. – Shelldrake 1972, September 5 2009, 1.55 am.

And when he was asked to give more details, this is what he supplied.

“I was at the time posted to Puckapunyal as part of training staff SOA (School of Artillery).

“Before the lovely Kosovars arrived at Puckapunyal we (Australian Soldiers) had a visit from a really lovely lady, ermm, hmm, from (Dept of Immigration, Multicultural Affairs), she as you would guess was of Albanian descent.

“We were talked down on as if we were some kind of Neanderthals and barbarians..We were told we “must” respect these Albanians as they’re proud and honorable Muslims.  We must not speak to their women or look at them and accord them all the respect they deserve.

“It came as a shock when we found out that the Albanians had free use of the area pool of a nighttime. I think it was for 1 or 2 hours but the amount of mess they made in that time was despicable.

These people could not (or would not ; my money is on “would not” – CM) go to the toilet so they took it upon themselves to defecate in the pool or anywhere for that matter, urinate everywhere they possibly could even on the heater in the sauna and funny thing of all they EXPECTED the staff there to clean up for them.  That pool was emptied and cleaned many times only for it to happen again and again.

“Their billets were set out with all the latest mod cons, heating, television, computers, their own cooks brought in to cater for them all at Australian taxpayers’ expense, yet these selfish dirty ingrates weren’t happy with this. They had the nerve to complain about the accommodation and food and they wanted more.

“These people couldn’t (or wouldn’t – CM) even use toilets, they would poke their bums outside their door and crap over the side of the step, the toilet mind you was only 10 meters away.

“The lovely Australian Government also paid these people an allowance yet when these people were taken for shopping trips into Seymour they couldn’t be bothered buying items they just stole them.  It was later leaked out as well there that the Albanian (that is, Albanian Muslim – CM) men were prostituting their children for cigarettes and money.  Certain acts were observed by outside sources, and there was a (hushed) case of attempted sexual assault of a female staff member.  Few of us at the SOA actually heard that there were a few cases but [these] were hushed up very quickly.

“I personally came to see for myself the disgusting way that Albanian Muslim men act especially around our women; on a couple of occasions I observed female soldiers in our Gym being preyed upon by this filth

“To top this off when it came time for these lovely people to be sent home, they smeared crap all through the billets, beds, walls, floors didn’t miss out on this assault either…“. – Shelldrake 1972, September 5, 2009, 5.35 am.

One wonders how much knowledge of the goings-on percolated out into the society surrounding Puckapunyal – and, probably, Singleton as well, because if the Albanian Muslims behaved in this manner in Puckapunyal it’s odds on the ones billeted in Singleton did the same – and whether Hunter Valley locals have long memories, and are not best pleased about having some 200 or probably 300 or more  Muslims (from a totally-Muslim country far more violent and backwards than mostly-Muslim Albania) dumped in their midst, today.

And so, back to our ABC report. – CM

‘Refugee advocates have applauded moves to resettle the translators in Newcastle, but are concerned about a lack of housing.

I’m sorry, my dears.  I would be more than happy to open my house to a family of desperately-imperilled Coptic or Assyrian Christian refugees, or a a whole nunnery’s worth of Catholic nuns from Syria complete with habits and crosses, even if they had to sleep on the floor and eat in relays; but there is no way I would be at all interested in bringing mohammedans into my house, or my country.  I’m afraid of things getting blown up. I’m afraid of having my or my children’s – or grandchildren’s, one day – throats slit in the night.  

But cue a deluded dhimmi-in-training, who has obviously not been paying any attention to what Muslims – common or garden Muslims – have been doing of late to her fellow Christians in Syria, Egypt, the Central African Republic, Pakistan, or Northern Nigeria, and is all too eager to import hundreds of extra Muslims into Australia, to swell the more than half-million colonists of the Ummah who are here, and making trouble, already.

“Sister  Di Santleben from the Josephite Refugee Support Network says Newcastle has a history of welcoming refugees.

“It’s a huge honour”, she said. “I mean these people have given up their lives for us, the Australians.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that.  I don’t know why they did it, but knowing what Islam teaches, and that they are still card-carrying members of the Mohammedan Mob,  I can’t trust them. - CM

“They’ve interpreted for the Australian Army and other people in places that we know were deadly dangerous places to be.

Dangerous because of Islam, Islam, Islam, and the suspicion and aggression and zero-sum mentality it inculcates into all of its adherents. – CM

‘But finding private rentals is going to be a challenge for this many families“.

How many child brides – second and third  and fourth “wives” –  are going to be sneaked into Australia under black burkas, represented not as wives but as “sisters”, “sisters in law”, “daughters” and “cousins”?? – CM

‘She says the translators are happy to be in Newcastle but fearful for the fate of relatives left behind.

Just how many of those “relatives” are there?  Whole villages full? And are we going to be asked to let them all in??  Well, I’m fearful about what may happen to my fellow Infidels in Newcastle, and elsewhere, as in locality after locality, suburb after suburb, town after town, all over Australia, the ummah’s numbers and perceived power grows, and grows, and grows, and grows.  – CM

“I’ve asked them can they think of a day when we’ll be able to publish their photographs and the folks said if you publish my photograph tomorrow, my brother will be dead”, she said. “That’s just the truth of it. They’re not hiding but they’ve left behind brothers (how many brothers? all with wives [plural?] and children…all demanding to come to Australia, to live in safety, donchaknow… and can we be sure that none of those brothers or their children will not, one day, become suddenly, fervently Islamic, and go Jihad on us, to the tune of tens or dozens or scores or hundreds of dead Australian Infidels? – CM) and parents and fheir families, and while they’re now safe, their familiess are by no means safe.”

And the more Muslims come to Australia – more and more and more, foolishly welcomed in, offered “refuge”, with welcome mats rolled out – the less safe Australia steadily and inexorably becomes, for every Australian who is not a Muslim.

Who is prepared to bet that some of these Muslim “translators’, or their family members, will not – some time after arriving in Australia – engage in one or more of the following: sexual harassment of or assault upon Australian non-Muslim women or girls;  “honor” murders of daughters, wives, sisters, cousins if said female kin show too much of an interest in an Aussie kuffar guy or start wanting to slough off the Slave Rag; forced and/ or child “marriages”; polygyny; welfare fraud on the grand scale; criminal activity (e.g. car theft, and drug manufacture, importation, pushing and dealing)  of one kind or another such as the Lebanese Muslims are already heavily engaged in; and/ or, last but not least, mass murderous jihad plots?– CM

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  1. did u say wine growing area? they are required to disrespect wine growers at the least. with muslems the yin-yang balance it off center. its woman’s job to “civilize” men. when this isn’t allowed to happen the beast will come out. it will become “normal”.

  2. Overview of Article

    You are Commanded by Dhimmis (by Command) to ….
    Open your arms, Australia! Welcome your Afghan ‘translators’ ” ….
    Because We have a “Duty of Care
    Because they MAY appear to be “GOOD” muslims
    Because they MAY appear to be “NICE” muslims
    Because they MAY appear to be “TRANSLATOR” muslims

    HOWEVER a simple dose of REALITY ….
    Islam is Islam AND – (Search “Islam is Islam”)
    a muslim is a muslim
    (ie a submitter is a submitter) ….
    • There are no other type of Islam OR muslim!
    • All muslims use the same “Life” Instruction Manuals!
    • All muslims are controlled – it is their willing choice – by Islam’s

    own Control Savages

    Wake up non-muslims – please please please !
    DEPORT ALL AND EVERY muslim – yesterday.
    DEPORT ALL AND EVERY non-muslim Assister/Enabler- also yesterday.

    Muslims WILL turn on (you) the HOST Country – (True History shows this).
    They ARE muslim – Islam commands them to – (True History shows this).
    All muslims WILL do what Islam Commands them – (True History shows this).

    Meanwhile all the “usual” crimes (by muslims) WILL increase.
    Thank you muslims for – well basically nothing – nothing good anyway.

    Basically non-muslim
    – save yourselves – (and your children).
    – absolutely prohibit islam.

  3. Bad idea – these people should not be allowed into Australia. While they will definitely be dangerous for them if they stay in islamopoop land, it is in the long term better for all if they dont come.

  4. “…“It’s a huge honour”, she said. “I mean these people have given up their lives for us, the Australians…..”

    Not at all – they would have weighed up he pros and cons – and came to the conclusion they would be better off paid regularly by the Coalition forces. They certainly were not altruistically working for our national benefit. You would be mad to think otherwise.

    They became translators purely and simply because there was way more money in it than anything local afghan employers could ever possibly pay. They were always working with well armed soldiers so had more protection than other afghan civilians.

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