Tony Abbott is the real problem for not privatising "our" ABC

Our Taxes should not be wasted on garbage. But the charade continues:

“It’s our ABC. Not yours”

Jenna Price, a fact-challenged teacher of journalism, hyperventilates over conservatives asking the ABC to merely honor its obligation to be balanced:

It’s our ABC. Not yours.

This woman teaches journalists. Pity any conservatives in her class. (Bolt:  Leftist journalism lecturer tells conservatives)

Who cares about her race?

What’s interesting is that multiculturalist Laboristas staged the attack against her.

399428-7824910e-a97b-11e3-9a89-1de6a43f024eWhat should concern us is whether she is a devout Muslim or not.

Which Labor muckraker authorised this?



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ABC audit: if stories are biased, it’s to the Left

Just another Labor scheme using your money:

DEPUTY Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek has defended Labor’s flagship social housing program as “very well-designed scheme”, amid evidence companies behind a major Sydney development tapped $80 million in taxpayer subsidies to help build units for wealthy foreign students.–Labor management skills on display

Green calls Abbott “racist”. ABC reporter applauds

She’s got her own little fan club of imbeciles:


Greens Senator Scott Ludlam last week gave a speech calling the Prime Minister a “racist” and a “homophobe”.

ABC reporter Alison Caldwell approves: Andrew Bolt