Oz gubmint "concerned about the radicalisation of Australians…"

An Al Qaeda magazine has published a list of car-bomb targets in Britain, including the Savoy hotel and FA Cup matches.

article-2037328-00AC85661000044C-603_233x423Funny that. The Savoy is owned by Saudi princeling Alwaleed bin Talal, himself a worldwide promoter of jihad.

Breitbart reported on Saturday that the latest issue of ‘Inspire’, the English-language magazine published by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, tells supporters to maximise casualties by targeting heavily populated areas. It also provides a breakdown of potential targets by country. (Breitbart)

Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

In another ruling the CII declared that passing wind was fard.

“Naked women in the mosque”

“The Jews Did Not Steal Arab Land In Israel”

The Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem Admits In Testimony: “The Jews Did Not Steal Arab Land In Israel”

… there is one testimony from an unimpeachable source stating that the Jews stole no land, but rather bought land in vast quantities from willing sellers who were the legal owners of the land that was sold. This unimpeachable source is so unarguably innocent of any pro-Israel or pro-Jewish or pro-Zionist sentiment that there can be no rational question regarding the veracity of his testimony. That source is the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Hajj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini (1895 to 1974).


Muslims in Denmark march for the Caliphate

# Thanks to Burmese Ninesixnine

Oz gubmint reviews passports of Aussie citizens fighting in Syria

“We are concerned about the radicalisation of Australians as a result of the Syrian conflict, particularly those who travel to Syria and return to Australia with capabilities acquired through fighting or training with extremist groups.” …

Story and video at SBS thanks to Mullah/pbuh

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  1. The existence of women is non-Islamic. Thus sayeth the rump rangers of Islam.

    Muslims in Denmark … just can’t get my mind around that.

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