What made these Muslims think we’d want them?

What made these boat people Muslims think we’d want them?

Andrew Bolt


THE ABC’s 7.30 on Monday accidentally showed exactly why we should stop the boats of illegal immigrants — and not only to end the drowning.

The ABC’s footage, including video shot by boat people turned back last month, actually showed a dangerous cultural difference.

How could these 34 people from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal — mostly Muslim countries that are neither war-torn nor famine-struck — think that threatening to kill our sailors, shouting “f— Australia” and warning of another September 11 would make us unlock our hearts and our door?

And how many people just like them are among the more than 50,000 Labor let sail in uninvited, even taxiing them in on our warships?

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One thought on “What made these Muslims think we’d want them?”

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