Today's Jihad Roundup

“Democracy is dead.” The tee shirt of the pilot of the hijacked airplane speaks volumes.


Troubling New Allegations Made About ‘Fanatical’ Malaysia Airlines Pilot

– Authorities examine key item from pilot’s home
– Malaysia officials deciding “next course of action”
– U.S. intel community liking theory “those in cockpit” were behind disappearance
– Investigators determine jet’s communications were deliberately disabled
- Israel reportedly reinforces airspace security in response to terrorism concerns regarding missing jetliner

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The wrong people:

Obama’s Muselmanic CIA Director

CIA Director John Brennan: Jihad a Product of Injustices, Economics, and Ignorance

Here again, Obama’s CIA director clown John Brennan engages in the same dangerous obfuscation and deception that has put America in the crosshairs, leading us to sure catastrophe. He insists that jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam. So he knows. Jihad is not motivated by ignorance or poverty. – (Geller)


CHINA deports Uighur Muslims from Yunnan province back to the Islamic ghetto of Xinjiang following deadly knife jihad attacks at the Kunming station  (BNI)

Meanwhile, U.S.-based rights activist Liu Qing, former head of Human Rights in China (HRIC), said the move to send Uyghurs away from Yunnan is a “serious violation” of their rights. (Too bad) ”The Uyghur Muslims who are sent back to Xinjiang may share their outrage with their compatriots, and that will fan the flames of hatred, which is an ingredient of terrorism,” he said. (Exactly)

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Palli official: Allah gathering Jews to Israel ‘so we can kill them’

“I believe that Allah will gather [the Jews] so we can kill them,” Zaki told Palestinian Authority TV. He went on to accuse Israelis of having “no religion and no principles, they are an advanced instrument of evil.” In 2009, Zaki admitted on Lebanese TV that the ultimate goal of the two-state solution was the downfall of Israel.READ MORE – Pamela Geller


Muslim charged with planting pipe bomb in Bonn train station and plotting to assassinate leader of counter-jihad party

Suicide Bomber Prematurely Detonates Vehicle While Parking Car, Somali Official Says


A Somali police officer said Saturday that a suicide bomber accidentally detonated his vehicle while parking his car near a hotel, according to the Associated Press.


As usual, a rumour is enough:

Pakistan: Enraged Muslim mob burns Hindu center over rumors of Qur’an desecration

Nigeria: Mohammedan headbangers murder 200 Christians

“They fired into homes. As women and children scampered to escape, they were shot and later cut with machetes. They they set our homes on fire. If you stayed inside, you were burnt. If you run out, they shot at you. The men stayed inside, so most of those burnt were men.” -  (Pamela Geller)



Jihad is peaceful inner struggle:

Mashaal warned that soon there would be many “Palestinians” murdering Israelis and “dying for Allah.”

Putin plays them all:


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  1. As noted at the start of the MH370 episode – Iran is involved. I agree exactly with comments from the former El Al security head.


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