UK: the Trojan Horse has a name, and its not "extremism"

Fox guarding chicken coop alert

Another classic case of bait and switch:

Irate Brits are up in arms over Islamic infiltration of public schools, also known as the ‘Trojan Horse’ of Islam. Being told to investigate, David Comoron’s token Muslim “advisor”,  (the insufferable Sayeeda Warsi) appears to be more concerned with the freedom sack than the infiltration of public schools by radical headbangers. After all, what could be more important than “women’s right to wear what they want?”

BaronessWarsi04tsBaroness Warsi with Mohammad Rafiq Sehgal speaking at the Khidmat Centre as part of cohesion roadshow

That Trojan horse is called Islam, and Camoron’s  “minister for faith and communities”  is riding it as if she owned it:

“we must not allow any school to become a haven for extremism…”

Too late baby, too late:

“Moderate” Headmistress Driven Out

Muslim school headmistress reveals she was driven out of job by fanatics who ‘saw her as the enemy, because she was too moderate’

‘I was the victim of a pernicious, well-orchestrated smear campaign I have never been able to recover from. ‘People need to know this is a dangerous, well-organised and sinister group who have the capacity to destroy. They are producing fear in society and playing on paranoia. They are extremely powerful.’

Curry princess: “women have the right to wear a niqab or hijab”

Its all about “women’s right to wear what they want.”

Yes indeed. They have the right to wear the freedom sack. They don’t have the right not to wear the freedom sack.

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  1. Still haven’t worked out how, in a historically Christian country we have a Muslim minister for faith and communities and the head of faith for our monopoly broadcaster is also a muslim!

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