Vanished Malaysia plane an 'aviation mystery'

Dozens of ships and helicopters fail to find wreckage as investigators explore all theories for loss of jetliner. (al Jizz)


Fear of seeming racist has the Sydney Moonbat Herald’s headline writer using hints and guess-agains rather than say plainly that one of the men who used stolen passports on the missing Malaysian flight was black: Don’t mention the man on the stolen passport is … er, not Asian. No, not white, either

Missing flight MH370: Fake passport holders ‘were Iranians looking for new life in Europe’

Yes of course, its always that “better life”, nothing to do with Islam. But what if they were following the command of the ayatollah Khomeini to go out and spread the Islamic revolution around the world?

  • Fingerprints from mystery passengers being analysed
  • Search area widened as still no sign of missing aircraft
  • CCTV footage of mystery passengers to be released

MALAYSIAN police say one of the passengers using a stolen passport on a missing jetliner was an Iranian asylum seeker.

Police chief Tan Sri Khalid Tan Sri said tonight that the man was not believed to be a member of a terrorist group.

He says the man was a 19-year-old who was believed to be planning to reach Germany.  The second passenger using a stolen passport has not been identified. (More)


HERE is more.

Search widens as Malaysia plane still missing

China deploys 10 satellites to help track down Malaysia Airlines jet as hunt enters fourth day.

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  1. I heard in a TV News report that both the pilot and the co-pilot were Moslems. Could it be possible that they hijacked the plane and have landed in a Moslem country? Maybe. Anything is possible where Moslems are concerned.

  2. Yeah, right, they were packing light because they were looking to immigrate to Germany.

    What stolen passport passengers did before boarding plane

    Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and Delavar Syed Mohammad Reza are the two Iranians who used stolen passports on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, according to officials. (interesting image at link – one of the blurred images appears to more suit the soccer player)

    “Besides the hushed phone conversations, Mallaeibeasir said that the pair just hung out with him and his housemate and watched movies. Then Mallaeibeasir drove them to the airport.

    “They stayed here only the last night before the flight. They were supposed to stay in Malaysia for three days but I think they stayed for one week,” Mallaebeasir said. “They were with me because I had a car and I told them I will take you to the airport. They came to my house.”

    Mallaeibeasir and Pouria went to high school together in Tehran two years ago, before Mallaebeasir moved to Malaysia to study business information technology. He said he did not know Reza until the two arrived at his home for a quick night’s stay.

    Mallaeibeasir said he did not ask Pouria or Reza why they were in Malaysia. Pouria said he was heading to Germany or Copenhagen after Malaysia in order to visit his mother because they were having family problems, Mallaeibeasir said.

    The two men traveled lightly, Mallaebeasier said. Pouria had a mountain climbing-type backpack and a laptop, while Reza carried a suitcase and a laptop, he said.”

  3. From the little that one can glean … last radar images had the aircraft 300+km of couse and heading in the wrong direction – so it appears that a hijack situation is possible. However, the aircraft has not been, according to info available, detected entering any countries airspace. At sea level the aircraft range is more restricted and the aircraft would have to fly low to aviod most radar coverage. This still leaves a consideable range of possible landing sites – however this is all conjecture. A hijack situation is suggested by the last known positions of the pilots and the silence of the aircreaw but this does not preclude catasrophic failure.

  4. This is a post from a Guardian reader (amazingly) who seems to know what he is about and has made a very good point — certainly seems closer to the mark than most.

    “….. fuselage section near the SATCOM antennae adapter failed, disabling sattelite based GPS, ACARS and ADS-B/C communications. Thus only primary radar would detect the plane. Primary radar range is usually less than 100nm and is generally ineffective at high altitudes. If decompression was slow enough, its possible the pilots never put on their oxygen masks until it was too late. Also explains why another pilot 30 minutes ahead heard ” mumbling” from the pilots. (VHF comms would not be affected by SATCOM equipment failure.) This plane , therefore, could have flown for hours after last contact was made, meaning that searching around the last contact area could be fruitless.”

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