Welcome to PNG: Australia-bound Muslim invaders to be settled on Pacific island

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Australia-bound refugees Muslim invaders to be settled on Pacific island
Australia-bound refugees to be settled on Pacific islandRefugee camp on Manus Island

The Austrlian PM vowed to implement refugee deal with Papua New Guinea.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Refugees who try to enter Australia by boat through Papua New Guinea will be settled in the country’s Manus Island in a few months, Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised.


Located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea is on the transit route to Australia for many refugees from Asia and the Middle East.

Abbott, who was speaking in Papua New Guinea on Friday during a state visit, said he is determined to implement an agreement, signed a year ago, which will see illegal asylum seekers settled in PNG.

PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said that the permanent settlement would begin just after parliament finalizes arrangements before May.

Saying he was “grateful” for Papua New Guinea’s assistance, Abbott admitted that it would be difficult for all refugees to settle in PNG.

Abbott said: “If you arrive illegally by boat in Australia you will never permanently settle in Australia because, as long as there is this prospect of permanent resettlement, there is the risk that illegal boats will keep coming.”

Around 1,200 refugees are currently at a detention facility on Manus Island. Manus was built for would-be refugees, many of whom have been found in Australian waters in unsafe boats after paying people smugglers in Indonesia to transport them to Australia.

Last month the center was rocked by two nights of rioting, during which a 23-year-old Iranian refugee was killed and around 100 people were injured.

It is not known where the asylum seekers on the island are from, but according to ‘crowdvoice’ in the past five years 33 percent of maritime arrivals to Australia came from Afghanistan, 21 percent were from Sri Lanka, 20 percent from Iran, 9 percent were stateless, 6 percent were Iraqi, 6 percent were from Pakistan and 5 percent were classified as “other.”

Crowdvoice is an open source online service focusing on social justice movements worldwide.

Non-governmental organizations have rejected the idea of refugees’ settlement in the Island; Amnesty International released a report last year on the Manus Island site, saying conditions there were in violation of international human rights law.


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  1. Amnesty International considers that conditions on Manus Island are in violation of international rights law. Shock! Horror! And has Amnesty International ever bothered considering the conditions of non-Muslims (specifically Christians) in Muslim majority countries? A passing UN glance at any Muslim majority country would do – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan … ? No, didn’t think so. It’s much easier to criticise Kaffur Governments in the West, isn’t it? Having a basic sense of collective morality, such Governments are much more susceptible to the guilt button.

  2. Take Amnesty International’s advice and put it in the bin – you will have then devalued your rubbish.

  3. The last thing PNG needs is Muslims.

    Politically weak countries are prime targets for the Islamic vultures.

    Rank Stupidity.

  4. I understand that quite a few Muslim ‘refugees’ on Manus Island are deciding not to stay, but to return to their countries of origin, upon learning they will only be offered resettlement in PNG, not Australia. But surely that can’t be right? Aren’t we always told that these poor ‘asylum seekers’ had to flee their homelands, with just the clothes on their backs (and $10,000 in cash to pay the people smugglers) in fear for their very lives on account of persecution? And now, apparently, many are returning to their countries of origin voluntarily? How is such return even possible? It’s all very strange.

    1. Not strange at all. The ‘hijra’, migration, to settle behind enemy lines, and to work towards the demise of those cursed infidels, is a fundamental duty in Islam. It is part of the jihad to make the world Islamic.

      A friend of mine is a travel agent who assured me that some of the Iranians, Iraqis and Afghans who got their residence (asylum) visas in the the last year have already been back once or twice to bring the whole family clan here, including a very young wife (who will then also be able to bring her whole tribe.) We are the dumbest swine on earth to allow this to happen.

      Why then, pray tell, is it that our ambassador in Iran is summoned by the regime when a so called ‘asylum seeker’ loses his life in a detention camp? If he was an enemy of the regime they would have no interest whatsoever in him. But he isn’t, he was assured of their support, and it is perfectly in line with the teachings of the Ayatollah Khomeini who called for the Islamisation of the world way back in 1979, just like the profit of Islam 1400 years ago.

  5. Either sink these “refugee”/invader boats or tow them back whence they came.

    And spend money on an effective navy that shows you mean business.

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