ABC, Muslims and Police vs ADL

Hysterical trash from the ABC:

Tensions between Australian Defence League and Muslims …

Tensions between Australian Defence League and Muslim community reach violent new heights

“New heights?” Do read on:

The ADL was established in 2009 as an offshoot of the violent English Defence League, the UK’s most provocative street movement in decades.

The EDL may be ‘provocative’, but not violent. The EDL stages protests against Mohammedan violence in the UK. The ABC’s skewered reporting is galling.

The Australian group has fewer than 30 paid members, but its Facebook page attracted more than 12,000 followers before it was shut down earlier this month.

Bye bye free speech. And how many jihadist websites were shut down simultaneously?

Police and ASIO are scrambling to defuse serious tensions between Australian far-right groups and Islamist extremists, which have reached unprecedented heights with death threats and an apparent attempted murder.

Who made the death threats? Who is behind the attempted murder?

Then this:

439421-nick-kaldas Commissioner Nick Kaldas speaks with Australian Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed (centre) and The Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Australia, Sheikh Kamal Mousselmani (right) / Pic: Tim Hunter Source: The Daily Telegraph

NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas assures a large investigation is continuing into the ADL’s actions online and its hate campaign against Muslim women.

Kaldas leads a police force with a long history of corruption. Mr Kaldas was born in Egypt in 1958, a Coptic Christian). He moved to Australia aged 12, grew up in western Sydney and speaks Arabic. Here’s more.

“We will not tolerate it and we will be there to do something about it,” Mr Kaldas told a community meeting last week.

Good dhimmi. No tolerance. This IslamoChristian will do something about it. He said so.

“There’s also some legal advice that we need to get. Some of the offences we can’t charge until approval is given by the Attorney-General’s Department and that will be pursued.”

The Attorney general would be well advised to be very careful with his approvals.

Late last week, Abela was charged with a number of offences, including trespassing, using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend, and hindering the investigation into the shooting at his house.

Sounds more like the victim is being harassed by a police with one sided sympathies. What say you?


3 thoughts on “ABC, Muslims and Police vs ADL”

  1. Hopefully Mr Kaldas is looking at the hate speech spewing from the mouths of those many intellectually and emotionally retarded muslims who vigorously protest against the ADL and others , exposing the truth of islam.

    One example:

    The irony is that their hate filled protest shows better than the ADL does what churlish, ignorant, arrogant, vile creatures that islam spawns.

  2. I loved it right at the end where they showed the clip from youtube where Abela was warned how when the islamic counterfeit Jesus returns he will abolish the jizja and non-muslims will be killed, i.e. the 3rd choice no longer being applicable thereby proving the ADL point that islam is evil. But they will to not see or hear or hear what muslims proclaim upfront.

    One can understand the frustration of people living in areas being dominated by muslims in having to do something but unfortunately the harassment strategy is ineffective and counter-productive in terms of how it plays into the hand of the left wing dhimmi media.

  3. Waiting for the Violence to start. Australians will wake up eventually to Muslim Invaders and the Shit will hit the fan. As long as we dont push the snooze button. Face book are heavily funded by the Saudis so Im not surprised they have taken the ADL site down. There are other ways to get the message out. Letting you know I support the ADL 100%. NO SURRENDER EVER!

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