Townsville (Musel-)Man Radicalised in Christchurch?

Abu Salma al Russi is a ‘martyr’.

He found religion and set out to kill and die in the name of ‘allah’. 

A SUSPECTED terrorist from Townsville who died in a US drone strike in Yemen last year may have been drawn into Islamic extremism while travelling in Christchurch.

Christopher Harvard grew up in Townsville but converted to Islam several years ago before he changed his name to Abu Salma al Russi and travelled to Yemen to teach English in 2011.

He was killed when a US drone hit a convey of suspected militants in Hadramout, in eastern Yemen, in November.

Townsville man’s alleged fundamentalist journey began in NZ

3 thoughts on “Townsville (Musel-)Man Radicalised in Christchurch?”

  1. He’s dead.


    That means he can’t return and plot and attempt mass-murderous mayhem in New Zealand-Aotearoa or in Australia.

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