Bob Carr rants about the 'Jewish Lobby' and insists on flying first class

Labor Mandarin Bob Carr: a Serf For Mohammedan Savages?

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has hit out at what he calls the “pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne”, saying it wielded “extraordinary influence” on Australia’s policy during his time in Julia Gillard’s cabinet.
Screen-Shot-2012-12-25-at-7.06.44-PM13Mr Carr told 7.30 that he lost weight in his first month as a jet-setting foreign minister because of “living on planes” and eating “inherently unhealthy” airline food which “I thought would’ve knocked about two years off my life”.

“Living on airline food and food at official banquets offended every rule of life I adhere to on this front,” he said.

Faced with a choice, having to get off a plane and go straight to a meeting with the French foreign minister in Paris, I tell you what, I’d prefer first class any time.

What a pathetic tosser!

2 thoughts on “Bob Carr rants about the 'Jewish Lobby' and insists on flying first class”

  1. This is the pathetic wanker who bequeathed the totally unnecessary desalination plant to NSW. Thank heavens he is no longer in a position to hurt our state or our country.

  2. He was the first to run off to Egypt to hand over $20 million dollars of Australian taxpayer money to the MuBro’s….

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