Channel 9 bedwetters blame Nathan Abela for inciting Muslims, call him "leader of a hate group"

He had it coming. He brought it upon himself.

“Hate group leader” blames Islam for shooting

I get it:  opposing jihad, suicide bombings, FGM, child marriage, wife beating, polygamy, misogyny, honour killings and the murder of blasphemers makes you member of a “hate group”. Feel the love. The f*kcwits from Channel9 even accused him of ‘staging’ the attack against himself. Shameless swine.

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In the ivory towers of Australian Moonbat media, victims of Islamic terror are “extremist” for speaking out against Mohammedan terror:

Channel 9 bedwetters blame Nathan Abela for inciting Muslims

Four days ago this video was posted by a Perth Muslim group warning Abela had made himself a “target”.

I am not saying there is a link between this video and the shooting, and certainly not between the hothead and the shooter. Who knows who did the shooting, and whether it was by Muslims. It could even have been done by people wanting to discredit Muslims. But surely this kind of talk is playing with fire. (Andrew Bolt)

Gulags are good. Freedom bad:

Your taxpayer money produces university educated Moonbats:
boltmarx_thumbFrom Melbourne University, more evidence that the Socialist Alliance recruits people both unable and unwilling to think for themselves: Their conference and their grievance.

The leader of a hate group has blamed Islam and claimed that “Australians” are constantly under attack from Muslims in western Sydney after an alleged politically-motivated shooting last night.

The home of president of the western Sydney chapter of the anti-Islamic Australian Defence League (ADL) Nathan Abela, 24, was shot up to seven times last night in what police believe was a targeted attack.

This morning the extremist group’s leader told Today that he believed Muslims were responsible for the attack.

“This is a precedent they’ve set, that they can attack Australians on our own soil, which we will not tolerate,” Mr Abela said.

“They’ve attacked us on our own land and said ‘Islam is here and you cannot do anything about it’. ”

The Greystanes resident refused to comment on suggestions the attack was staged, deferring to ADL National President Ralph Cerminara.

April 04, 2014: A right-wing anti-Islamic campaigner, who was involved in what police are describing as a targeted shooting in western Sydney, has uploaded this video showing the alleged damage to his house, after six to eight shots were reportedly fired at it.

Mr Cerminara rejected the assertion, saying that the ADL had approached police on a number of occasions to allege that members of the group had received death threats.

“And the police do nothing ” he said.

“This was a terrorist attack, nothing but that on Australians on Australian soil.

“You cannot go to western Sydney now, these days without being attacked if you are Australian.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Mr Abela recently appeared on radio, with presenter Ray Hadley describing him as a “liar” and a “grub” for secretly recording a conversation with his personal assistant and posting it on YouTube.

It is also reported Mr Abela uploads videos to his YouTube channel that show him handing out anti-Islam flyers or phoning people to ask if they are proud of being a Muslim.

“Regardless of this incidence he is still in high spirits … he will be back fighting again soon stronger and better than ever,” a member of ADL said.

Officers were called to Cumberland Rd in Greystanes just after 11pm (AEDT) last night after shots were fired into a unit block.

No one was seriously hurt but Mr Abela man was treated by paramedics for a minor shoulder injury.

Witnesses reported seeing a silver-coloured Audi drive away from the scene.

Police are asking anyone who saw the incident to come forward.

The Lebanese Muslim Association has declined to comment on the incident as it is being investigated by police.

Source: Today

Author: Martin Zavan, Approving editor: Matthew Henry