Colonising America

Listen to a Professor Tell Students That ‘Racist, Misogynistic, Money-Grubbing People’ Want to Prevent Minorities From Voting


Chicago Public Schools to Adopt Afrocentric Curriculum

In Illinois, there is a state law requiring public schools to offer at least one unit on grievance-stoking “African-American history.” But that’s not good enough for the Chicago Public Schools, which are planning to devote the entire curriculum to the absurd ideology of Afrocentricity.

A more pernicious course of brainwashing would be difficult to imagine. Fortunately the graduates of Chicago schools will be able to rely on Affirmative Action to obtain employment; they will need it when coming in competition with those who received educations based on factual knowledge rather than infantile moonbattery.

Assuming the goal is to prevent assimilation, the curriculum is bound to succeed.

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