"Christian Values" vs Trojan Horses

Homo Terror

Christian Nursery School Worker Fired After Refusing to Read Gay Stories to Children (GWP)–Sarah Mbuyi was also accused of harassing a fellow worker after she gave a lesbian a Bible. Telegraph

High Treason

Obama Regime Accused of Switching Sides – Arming Islamists Who Stormed US Consulate in Benghazi

Hillary Clinton at senate hearingThe Obama administration regime was accused yesterday of switching sides in the War on Terror and of funding Islamists who stormed the US consulate in Benghazi.–The Daily Mail reported:(GWP)

Jack Straw Discovers ‘Trojan Horse” Plot

“Muslim schools ‘must respect British values’ says Jack Straw as Birmingham MP admits there is a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by extremists,” —Daily Mail

Hugh Fitzgerald:

….in the last few decades, the very decades in which the political and media elites of Europe have permitted millions of Muslim migrants, in an act of civilisational heedlessness and historical amnesia, to settle within their lands, those same elites failed to reconsider their earlier presumptions and negligence, failed to meet their solemn responsibility to study the texts and tenets of Islam, and their observable effect, over 1350 years, from Spain to the East Indies, on the behavior of Muslims. They have instead avoided such study, and still worse, have attacked those who have engaged in such study, and armed with the knowledge of the meaning, and therefore the menace, of Islam, have begun to sound all kinds of tocsins.

UK: Straw says Muslim schools should hold to “Christian based” values, but Cameron under fire for saying UK a “Christian country”

UK: Straw says Muslim schools should hold to “Christian based” values, but Cameron under fire for saying UK a “Christian country”

Britain is finished; it is a nation of the walking dead, unless it affects a drastic change in its leadership and prevailing political culture, and soon. (Of course, the same could be said of the U.S.) Here Jack Straw, of all people, asserts that there is a British culture that Muslims must accept, and dares to criticise the imposition of Sharia into British public schools that were the focus of the now-notorious Muslim “Trojan Horse” plot. Straw even ventures to say, no doubt with trembling, timid voice, that some of those values were “Christian based.” But when David Cameron says that Britain is a “Christian country,” non-Muslims (not Muslims) complain; those non-Muslims will make sure that nothing effective is ever done to stop the assertion of Sharia in British schools and elsewhere.

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Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, a star prizefighter who died at 76,  sometimes used the Muslim name Saladin Abdullah Muhammad.

One thought on “"Christian Values" vs Trojan Horses”

  1. I know that you can not file a class action law suit in the UK, but after this revelation that a cult has succeeded in taking over British schools and pushing their ideology, and punishing non muslim children and girls-two alleged no, nos.

    Restraining orders need to be filed ASAP.

    The parents of the NonMuslim need to bring an action against the government, Ofsted, the board and the school head.


    So what do we know thus far?

    That Muslims in Britain target children. As demonstrated in the grooming (rape abuse and pimping of British school girls) cases and now the Trojan Horse revelation.

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