"Cultural Differences"


Criminal Muslims given shorter sentences due to “culture”

Apparently, Muslims cannot help it as much as non-Muslims can, if they rape or kill — and so they must be given more lenient sentences than non-Muslims receive. In effect, the German courts thus follow the Sharia, which also regards it is a mitigating factor if Muslims hurt people in order to observe and apply […]  Continue Reading »


Muslims 218 percent more criminal in 2nd generation than first

The former chief of Danish Statistics concludes that immigrants from countries with Buddhist culture are much easier to integrate than Muslim immigrants. Besides the violent jihad, political jihad and demographic jihad, I think it is fair to speak of welfare jihad: Muslims’ destruction of Western societies by draining their welfare systems by systematic fraud and […] Continue Reading »

“Cultural Differences”

This happened here in Australia:

Jaffari, 35, an Afghan refugee, was convicted in Geelong Magistrates’ Court on August 22, 2013, of indecently assaulting one boy and attempting to indecently assault another.

Copenhagen police:

(Muslim) youth rob still more, their preferred victims are non-Muslims

The Islamic sharia is already in effect in the West in official and non-official ways. Officially in the way that Islamic holidays, halal, female-only swimming halls, etc. are introduced in our societies. Non-officially in the way that Muslims rob non-Muslims, attack non-Islamic authorities, etc. I worked in a youth prison and I know who these […] Continue Reading »