How dumb is Lisa Wangsness from the Boston Globe?

This dumb:

Inclusive spirit reassures Muslims after bombings

Muslims need reassurances that nothing will happen to them when they bomb us?

Hamza Syed braced for an anti-Muslim backlash that never happened.


Boston Globe: Muslims at jihad terror-tied Islamic Society of Boston “reassured” after Boston Marathon jihad massacre

In other news:

Boston Strong?

Not. Stuck on stupid, yes.

Homo Crush

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Sob Story?  (Boston Herald)

The gay editor at Rolling Stone “swoons over this mass murderer who would cut off his head in a Riyadh minute.” (TROP)


Questions remain regarding whether the Jihad attack could have been prevented given emerging evidence.

Questions answered:

Then there is a question raised in a recent Boston Magazine investigative article  “Murders before the Marathon” about the Middlesex County prosecutor and FBI investigations of the grisly 2011 murders of three men, two of them Jews,  in an alleged  bust drug deal in Waltham, Massachusetts on 9/11/2011.  The three murdered men Brendan Mess, 25; Raphael Teken, 37; and Eric Weissman, 31, were found with their throats cut in September of 2011, and their bodies were covered with marijuana.” The author of the Boston Magazine article had met one of the victims Eric Weissman, a purveyor of designer marijuana in a casual deal as a college student and was able to interview the victim’s wife and the girl friend of one of the accomplices killed in an Orlando, Florida shooting by an FBI agent.

 According to the Boston Magazine article the information available to Middlesex County police and prosecutors might have led to indictment of the Tsarneavs thereby preventing implementation of their jihad at the Marathon finish line in 2013. Those investigations into the Waltham triple murders went cold for over 570 days, only reignited by the Tsarneav perpetration of the Marathon Bombing.  There was  both DNA evidence and corroboration of  the perpetrators by the wife of the one of those murdered linking the participation of Tsarneavs along with an accomplice,  fellow Chechen Refugee, Ibragim Todashev. – more on Boston Strong by Jerry Gordon