Nation of Hysterical Lynch Mobs

Regardless of what Donald Sterling said, it is his right to say what he wants in private. It is called freedom of speech. Its the hooker who committed a crime.  Taping private conversations with him without his knowledge is illegal, and so is blackmail.

Donald Sterling is what he is. What the NBA is doing is a thousand times worse.

Allen West:

Yes, Donald Sterling is a jerk, but I think y’all are missing the point about this story 

Bill Maher Tweeted:

Calm down,being an asshole is still legal in America

10268482_10152709261086729_1302647991308348679_nThe national outrage against Mr. Sterling has come from an act that could be illegal and inadmissible in a court of law. Nevertheless, the court of public opinion has tried and convicted Mr. Sterling of being a jerk.

Have we come to the point that private conversations can be taped and released in the public domain in order to ruin the livelihood –pursuit of happiness — of private citizens? Ms. Stiviano, or whomever, knew exactly what they wanted the end result to be as they released this tape to TMZ.

Sterling is a jerk, an unlikeable fella, but is he guilty of a crime that demands his property be confiscated? Uh, no.

We’re told however that Obama is a likable fella –regardless of the incessant lies, deceit and abject failures. What is happening to American culture and values?

I don’t like jerks, but I really don’t like jerks who are liars, do you?


Here’s Mark Steyn:

Oprah says Magic (Johnson) wants the team, and, if Oprah says it, it’s probably going to happen. So let’s see: Donald Sterling’s mistress takes Magic Johnson to a Clippers game. And, in the course of complaining about her swanning around with Magic Johnson, Donald Sterling makes some racist remarks. So they take the team away from Donald Sterling and transfer it to …Magic Johnson. Gee, that’s awfully neat.

I miss those Fleet Street sportswriters.

 Obama: NBA did “the right thing”

Obama believes the NBA did “the right thing” by banning L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, the White House said on Wednesday.

Oh boy, when the Muslim POTUS passes judgement, it stinks like when he passes wind.

Here’s the post where I’m accused of defending Donald Sterling (Matt Walsh)

A Strictly Professional Relationship–

V. Stiviano “Very Saddened” By NBA’s Ban of Donald Sterling – Says She Didn’t Release Tapes

v stiviano
V. Stiviano claims her relationship with Donald Sterling was ALWAYS professional. (TMZ)

V. Stiviano says she is “very saddened” that Donald Sterling was banned by the NBA. She also claims she did not release their taped conversation. The LA Times reported, via The Last Tradition:(GWP)

4 thoughts on “Nation of Hysterical Lynch Mobs”

  1. Allen West’s essay made some interesting thoughts that no one else has brought up.

    Why on earth was she taping him in the first place?

    The mistress states, she worked for him as an “archivist”? Some how I do not think she has a MA in archival science.

  2. One can hope that Mr. Sterling is a big enough arsehole that he will refuse to sell his team.


  3. Mr Sterling’s private comments are nowhere near as offensive as certain afro-American recording artists anti-white song lyrics.

    Why the double standards, America? Or is exposing anti-white bias ‘racist’ too?

  4. Oprah will buy the team – so goes the gos.

    If she succeeds there will be true continuity in at least two fields:

    she is (at least as) racist as Donald Sterling, and he paid for sex too.

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