Islam is using the freedoms of democracy to destroy it….

Saudis ask Norway to ban slurs on prophet

“The future must not belong to those who…..”

Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries accused Norway of doing too little to protect its Muslim minority, with Saudi Arabia calling for all criticism of religions or their prophets to be made illegal. …


More demands for protection of the preposterous false prophet of islam at The Local (and who is protecting the non Muslims in Islamic countries?)

British House of Lords baroness warns Israeli audience about threat of Islamists.

BARONESS CAROLINE COX speaks at TAU’s Green House yesterday.  Baroness Caroline Cox of Queensbury warned about the growing threat of political Islam in Britain and Africa at an event hosted by the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at Tel Aviv University and The Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies on Monday.

“Islam is using the freedoms of democracy to destroy it,” as some of its adherents try to “inhibit criticism,” said Cox, speaking at the Green House next to the university.

More on decaying Britain and its loss of freedoms at The Jerusalem Post thanks to Mullah, pbuh

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    Yes – this website is a great resource. Hats off to the Sheik for a job well done, consistently providing facts and destroying fiction about the real-world effects of islam.

    Yours is a surprising question as there are several other sites helping to expose this bedouin pseudo religion. Take a look at,,,

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