Italian navy rescues over 1,000 "migrants" from overcrowded boats in a day

This may be the most brilliant military strategy of all time. Get the people who you are invading to make the mission of their armed forces to help you invade! (Vlad Tepes)

By Laura Smith-Spark, CNN

140402145144-lampedusa-migrants-story-top(CNN) — The Italian navy said it rescued more than 1,000 migrants from several overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean between Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

The migrants, who included women and children, had set off from the North African coast and were not equipped with life jackets, the navy said.

They are now being taken by ship to the port of Augusta, on Italy’s Mediterranean island of Sicily.

On Tuesday, three other navy ships disembarked 1,049 more migrants rescued since Monday in the ports of Augusta and Pozzallo, also in Sicily, the navy said.

Italy is a major gateway into Europe for migrants who come by sea from North Africa in hope of reaching EU soil.

Shipwrecks off the shores of Sicily and the tiny island of Lampedusa are common, thanks to the frequent use of overcrowded and barely seaworthy vessels.

But despite the dangers, migrants keep coming. Some are from African nations, particularly Eritrea and Somalia, while others have fled war-torn Syria, officials say.

According to the European border agency Frontex, more than 12,000 illegal migrants were detected off Sicily and 8,000 off Lampedusa in the third quarter of last year.

Many of those arriving on Italy’s shores have set sail from Libya, the agency said.


One thought on “Italian navy rescues over 1,000 "migrants" from overcrowded boats in a day”

  1. …and the idiot minister of interior tells ‘proudly’ that there are at least 900.000 on the NA shores, waiting to come to Italy…
    Disgustng politically correct of this leftists ‘admirers of BHO’
    The cost for this ‘mission’ is 300 .000 euro per day.
    Plus when they are settled…they get daily 30 euro plus house and food free…..”garantito vitto e alloggio per un importo di 30 euro al giorno, un pocket money di euro 2,5 al giorno e una tessera/ricarica telefonica di euro 15 all’ingresso delle strutture di accoglienza, nonché assistenza e cure sanitarie. Considerando solo i clandestini arrivati in Italia dall’inizio di quest’anno, i costi sarebbero di 127.500 euro di ricariche telefoniche, 21.250 euro di pocket money al giorno e 255.000 euro di vitto e alloggio al giorno, oltre alle cure sanitarie”….and the government does not have mney for pensions to old, poor Italians, plus the health care is reduces constantly…to pay for this individuals and the scores of children they bring with them.
    90 % of this ‘guests’…are muslims.

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