Pat Condell: People say I'm 'anti-Islam' as if it was a bad thing….

Refreshing, to say the least. Clear thinking vs the abandonment of reason, which has turned once great Britain into a Mohammedan stronghold in the west.
Rowan Atkinson, also known as ‘Mr Bean’, has made similar statements:

2 thoughts on “Pat Condell: People say I'm 'anti-Islam' as if it was a bad thing….”

  1. Strictly speaking, I am only anti-Quran/Muhammad

    Islam contains also Muslims; I have nothing against wishy-washy Muslims, they are the first victims of Allah, Q4:88-9)

    … the devout Muslims, I wish them good mental health.

  2. In Praise of CAIR

    Several years ago, I ran for US Senate in California. As a patriotic American, I felt it was my duty to be a candidate who would, coincidentally, tell the voters the whole truth.

    I was videoed in one candidate forum giving my opinion about radical Islam. I stated: “All we need to know about Islam, we learned at 9-11”.
    CAIR demanded that I be banned/marginalized by my party. In truth, I have to thank CAIR for disseminating a vital message to all Americans, that might have otherwise been buried by the PC media!

    Allahu Akhbar

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