Paul Weston arrested for quoting Winston Churchill


Modern manners: man arrested for quoting Winston Churchill

Andrew Bolt

Astonishing. Winston Churchill would have been arrested in modern Britain:

A candidate in the South East European elections has been arrested after making a speech quoting from a book by Winston Churchill about Islam.

Paul Weston, chairman of Liberty GB, was making the speech on the steps of Winchester Guildhall in Hampshire on Saturday after a passer-by complained.

He was detained after failing to comply with a request by police to move on under the powers of a dispersal order.

He was further arrested on suspicion of religious or racial harassment.

(Incidentally, a Guardian reader of an article by one of the “fair-skinned Aborigines” who successfully sued me identifies the error I am said to have made about her – one of the errors which is said to justify the banning of two of my columns arguing for an end to “race”-based division. I’d like to say more in response to the article but the legal danger is now too high.)

But back to the story…

True, the passage of Churchill which Weston quoted may jar modern sensibilities. There is also the fear in modern multicultural Britain of a violent backlash from a minority largely imported since Churchill’s time. Here is the passage, from The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan:
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From Moonbattery:

Paul Weston Arrested in Britain for Reading Winston Churchill Aloud

When Britain faced an existential threat from Hitler, it discarded the liberals like Chamberlain whose appeasement strategy had helped the Third Reich to become so powerful and turned to one of the most prominent heroes in its long and until recently proud history: the great Winston Churchill.

Britain faces a new existential threat: Islamic colonization. But this time it may be too late to turn to patriots to save the day. On Saturday, voice of reason Paul Weston was actually hauled off in a police van for publicly reading the words of Winston Churchill on the steps of Winchester Guildhall.

The Churchill quote was taken from his book, The River War:

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

When a culture no longer deserves its heroes, they will no longer be honored. In the USA, it is only a matter of time before the words of Washington, Jefferson, and Madison are declared racist and off limits. The campaign to fundamentally transform them from heroes to slave-owning “dead white male” villains is already underway on college campuses.

While it is still legal (at least in the USA, for now), let’s have another look at Weston’s video,Preventing White Genocide:

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