"Racial profiling" against illegal Somali Muslims in Kenya, which has a "dangerous policy of exclusion"

Can’t exclude Muselmaniacs. No matter how much trouble they cause, no matter how many throats they cut, no matter how many times they bomb us, we can’t exclude them.

Kenya: The perils of racial profiling

Which race is Islam again? Are black Kenyans a different race from Somali blacks?  Here we see the Islamoprops invoke the same grievance theatre that worked so well in other  locations. Its highly unlikely the  Kenyans  will  fall for that.

By launching a campaign against ethnic Somalis, the Kenyan government perpetuates a dangerous policy of exclusion. Kenya: The perils of racial profiling

Cracking down on Nairobi’s Somalis

Al Jazeera investigation uncovers allegations of beatings and rape in Kenya’s ongoing anti-terrorism operation.

20144145592630734_20Somali-owned businesses in Eastleigh have suffered millions of dollars in losses because of the operation, said Hassan Guled, the chairman of the Eastleigh Business Association. The Kenyan government has recently announced it is investigating 20 banks on suspicion they are funding the Somali armed group al-Shabab. Somalis call the move an “economic war”.  The United Nations’ refugee agency said it was “disturbed” by reports of abuses connected with the operation.

The United Nations is always ‘disturbed’ by any resistance to the Mohammedan expansion project.

One thought on “"Racial profiling" against illegal Somali Muslims in Kenya, which has a "dangerous policy of exclusion"”

  1. A remarkably well informed comment from an al Jizz poster:

    Majority of ordinary Kenyans are happy to see Somalis whether indigenous or refugees thrive and live in peace. This historical view by Gathara is important. Yes there is corruption. But it is important to provide a couple of facts omitted [conveniently?] here. Kenya cannot be an experiment on utopian idealism that has not worked in any nation faced with terrorism. This is real life not amorphous textbook theory.

    1. The principal obligation of the Kenya government is to do whatever it takes to guarantee security and safety within its borders. Obama (and his drones!) principally protects Americans, Erdogan the Turks, Cameron the Brits, Putin the Russians, Merkel the Germans etc.

    2. There is no counter terrorism strategy anywhere on the planet that does not INCLUDE some form of profiling whether it is by race, religion, age, income, preferences etc. Al Shabaab is an organisation that is 99% Somali. Sad but a fact nevertheless. The Russian Mob is 95% Russian and the Cosa Nostra is 95% Italian. Kenya cannot look for Al Shabaab among Sikhs. That would be naive. No, insane.

    3. Kenya has to find a way of identifying and investigating Somalis who sympathize with Al Shabaab. Granted you cannot go after the whole population. But even the results of the very best counterintelligence the world can offer will still yield majority Somalis if you are looking for Al Shabaab supporters and financiers. Surely, this cannot be rocket science.

    Further, you cannot perform this entire investigation while slouched in an air-conditioned office in Tokyo. You eventually must go to where Somalis live. In Nairobi, it just happens that the vast majority of Somalis live in Eastleigh with most of the remaining in South C.

    4. The subliminal narrative by Gathara and other activists is “all somalis in kenya are in detention”. The number of arrested Somalis was 4000. Kenya’s indigenous Somali population is between 2 and 3 million. 4000 is less than 0.5%. Hardly the entire community by any stretch of the imagination. On the contrary, many Kenyans think the government has been too lenient.

    5. As opposed to just 100 Somalis that Kenya deported, ‘pious’ Saudi Arabia deported 12,000 Somalis (fellow Muslims) in the first 2 months of 2014 (see Human Rights Watch website). Obama ‘leader of the free world’ kicked out 200,000 of Americas neighbors (Mexicans) in 2013 (see The Guardian last week). Quite frankly, the non-Kenyan Somali aliens should be grateful.

    6. This exercise is as much about security as it is about pacifying the rest of the population. There is growing restlessness and impatience among the wider population with the continued spate of terrorist attacks by Al Shabaab. By the government not taking action in Eastleigh, the wider population could eventually snap in future and dangerously take on mob justice on the minority Somalis similar to what we are seeing in the Central African Republic.

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