Sharia is being conducted by stealth

From Letters to the Editor, the Bendigo Advertiser

By Frank Salmon, Eaglehawk

SANDRA Caddy is to be commended for her letter,“Saying yes is treason” (April 12), which was an accurate assessment of issues associated with having a mosque in Bendigo.

Many letter writers have expressed the need for compassion and tolerance between Christians and Muslims.

While the sentiments expressed are noble and Christian, one needs to understand that compassion and tolerance are scarce commodities in Islamic ideology, and are nonexistent regarding non-Muslims (infidels), unless it is of benefit to the Muslim (Koran).

In the past couple of years, representatives from several of Islam’s host nations have spoken in Australia about the social destabilisation and civil rights abuses in communities where councils and governments in their naivety have allowed pockets of sharia law to be introduced.

Those government institutions, seeing  their error, have now the momentous task of getting the horse that bolted, back in the stable.

Islam, the political ideology, is at war with the gentile world, as is demanded of the followers of Islam in the Koran.

It is well documented that Muhammad, the author of the Koran, spent the last 10 years of his life in Medina, cementing his record as a promoter of violent jihad.

While Muhammad demanded allegiance to Islam at the point of a sword, in Africa today thousands of non-Islamists are losing their lives at the point of a gun in the hands of followers of Islam who are simply being true to the teaching and example of Muhammad – convert  to Islam and sharia, or face the consequences.

In Australia and Western nations, up to this point in time, Islam is largely conducting sharia by stealth, so as sure as night follows day, if the mosque is built in Bendigo, we will in the future be subject to creeping sharia.

Sam Solomon, a former Muslim and professor of sharia law, declares,” We must never forget that Islam is an all-encompassing ideological system and as such, wherever there is a Muslim community, there will be sharia, and wherever there is sharia, there is Islamisation of the territory, and ultimately the nation”.

Are there moderate Muslims? Of course there are, but who among them is brave enough to publicly denounce the violent example set by Muhammad, and his teachings expressed in the Koran.