The Myth of the Moderate Muslim Majority

A myth it is:


How many times have we heard the same old tired line, that only an infinitesimally small, almost imperceptible number of Muslims are radicalized? You know the story: a couple of young men cut the head off of a soldier in middle of a busy street yelling “Allahu Akbar” is followed by a litany of Islamic apologists on the airwaves claiming that the majority of Muslims are quite moderate and would never, ever condone such actions. Sounds great, but is it true? Short answer: Not even close.

The real problem is ‘Islamophobia’ and free speech:

Bostonians are very nice Islam understanders…

they don’t worry about a couple of ding-dongs who blow them up, writes Sabria Jawhar in Arab News. She worries about “professional bigots like Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer that the citizens of Boston didn’t unleash their fury on Muslims”. She also hates greeting cards and Muslim dolls,  which a part of  “a larger anti-Muslim campaign to marginalize Muslims and ultimately create an environment that encourages violence”.

Along comes Seumas Milne, fanatical Grunard commie  and Islamofascist enabler:

This war on ‘Islamism’ only fuels hatred and violence

Tony Blair’s anti-democratic tirade chimes with David Cameron’s toxic manoeuvring at home and in the Muslim world

Resistance is useless, people. Too bad we can have Marxism only under the burqa.

99 Years of Turkish Genocide

99 Years of Turkish Genocide

In the declining days of the Ottoman Empire and the time of the birth of the secular Turkish republic, Christians in Anatolia were seen either as kuffar harbi, Infidels at war with Islam, and/or enemies of the Turkish state, for seeking political union with Greece and independence for Armenia. They were massacred and exiled wholesale. […] Continue Reading »

The real ‘radicals’ are those who oppose the Mohammedan expansion project

Ralph Cerminara is a former Australian solider and one of the leaders of the anti-Islam group the Australian Defence League.  The Leader Of Australian Anti-Islam Group The ADL Has A Bizarre Explanation For What Radicalised Him


Muslim unfolds prayer carpet in church, reads Qur’anic verses during Easter mass

This is clearly a gesture of supremacism. Imagine the uproar if a Christian had entered a mosque and begun to read from the New Testament and pray Christian prayers. But no one will take any notice of this. Western authorities take Islamic supremacism for granted. They aren’t even aware of the fact that Islam claims […] Continue Reading »

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