The blue fingers of Afghanistan

“Afghanistan praised for historic elections”

Outgoing leader calls poll a step towards peace, while US president congratulates nation for largely bloodless election.

691753-image-1396714575-453-640x480Nearly 90% of Afghans are illiterate Islamo-zombies who subsist on a dollar -and less- a day. Western praise for ‘historic elections’ are as absurd as claims by western politprops that islam is somehow (how exactly?) a religion of peace. The U.S. and its allies have squandered hundreds of billions of our wealth on absurd projects like madrases and mosques, on training  primitive savages to shoot our soldiers with modern weapons;  and not one government in the west objected when the Afghans decided that nothing less than the sharia should be the law of the land. Out with the Taliban, in with the Taliban…  Once we pull out, we will be remembered for rearranging the rubble in Afghanistan.  Who needs a a reminder that ‘Taliban’ means ‘student of Islam?’  Doesn’t that make every Muslim a Taliban?

“Democratic elections” between the Abdullah’s and the Muhammad’s in a  desert like Afghanistan are  of no interest to us.  These Afghan elections are a western financed circus that gets reporters killed and visitors blown up. But in the meantime, join the blue finger fun in Obama’s hopen’change world:

Afghans have been praised for defying Taliban threats and turning out in their millions to vote crucial elections, which the US called a “great achievement” while pledging “continued international support”.

More than 50 percent of the registered voters – about seven million people – were estimated to have turned out on Saturday for local and presidential elections, which will usher the country’s first democratic transfer of power.

“It is a proud day for this proud nation. We have proven that we are people of the ballot, not of the bullets,” said Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, a presidential candidate. “This is a day of celebration.” (al Jizz has more)