Yusuf Islam, suffering Muslims, women in mosques & 'the distorted image of Islam'

“Suffering Muslims”

… “Muslims throughout the world are suffering increasingly from the unacceptable connection of Islam with violence or even terrorism,” Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik told the meeting. …Terror ‘distorts’ image of Islam

Yusuf Islam blames distorted image of Islam on the Western media:

If you are not aware of who this poptart is,  click here 

yusuf-islam“…we need intellectuals, politicians and leaders to analyse the situation and come up with a solution.”

“Some give Islam a bad name and we cannot just tolerate that. We should come forward to correct that image. We should convince others that Islam is not that monastic concept,” he said.–Me thinks Islam is the most distorted religion in the history of mankind ….

Makki didn’t read the fine print


Muslim females who tell infidels that wife beating is unislamic are full of shiite:

In fact they should be told that they are deficient in religion and that their witness is only half of a man’s….

Their dirty book tells Muslims to wage jihad to conquer the West

 Homo Terror Against Conservatives

On Thursday, CEO Brendan Eich of Mozilla was forced out of his job thanks to his $1,000 donation to the Proposition 8 pro-traditional marriage effort in California in 2008. At that point, he held the exact same position as Barack Obama on traditional marriage. Now, that position has soured in the nostrils of the militant left, which seeks to ruin the lives of those with whom it disagrees.  Top 5 Crackdowns on Conservatives’ Internet Free Speech

Don’t laugh, this is serious:

4 thoughts on “Yusuf Islam, suffering Muslims, women in mosques & 'the distorted image of Islam'”

  1. “Don’t laugh, this is serious:”

    Everyone talks about it but,

    Who defines ” Human Rights”?

    Next question-who decides who is and who is not

    in the “Human Rights Council” ?

    and thirdly, on what basis is that decision made?

  2. Simple:

    Only Muslims are human, infidels are the vilest of creatures, they are the sons of apes and swine, therefore human rights apply to Muslims only.

  3. Yusuf Islam … he should have drowned. Yeah, media distorts the image of Islam … as he sits there dressed like a 7th century, goat humping, Jew murdering pedophile. So much good irony wasted on Muslims.

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