The hijab is not a fashion item

Bill Warner explains that the hideous shrouds are  a symbol of political Islam:

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In other news:

Pali envoy in Prague likely killed by booby-trapped book Koran
Palestinian envoy in Prague likely killed by booby-trapped book

Police had decided Jamal al-Jamal was not assassinated, but had simply unwittingly opening a book (the Koran) booby-trapped years earlier, a newspaper reported

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So what was a booby-trapped book doing at the Palestinian embassy?

The Pali “ambassador” to Prague who died in a blast who blew himself up in January was most likely killed by a decades-old charge of Semtex plastic explosive concealed in a book, a newspaper reported on Tuesday citing a police investigator.

Police had decided Jamal al-Jamal was not assassinated, but had simply unwittingly opening a book booby-trapped years earlier, the source told daily newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes.

“It was an unfortunate accident. The ambassador was a thorough man who wanted to put some old things in order, and among them there were two books with explosives,” the paper quoted the source as saying.

It did not explain why such a book might have been left at the embassy in Prague.

“We are awaiting another expert opinion, but it was Semtex with 99.9 percent probability. The explosive was roughly from the 1970s. It was at least 30 years old,” the police source told the newspaper.

Ah,that explains it. Exploding books are of course a standard item at all embassies.

I mean, no one would make a big deal out of a Norwegian embassy being found to have deadly espionage items like that, right? So anyone who thinks this is newsworthy is clearly an anti-Palestinian racist. (EoZ)

9 thoughts on “The hijab is not a fashion item”

  1. I call it the Slave Badge or Slave Rag.

    A Muslim woman wearing the Slave Badge , whether she is wearing the deceptively-nunlike Slave Hood or the full-on Slave Mask (niqab) or all-over Sack (Burqa), might as well be flying the black flag of Jihad: she is declaring her identity as a camp follower or gang moll (whether voluntary or under compulsion – Cover Up or I Keel You ) of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang, the de facto Empire of Islam.

    The Muslim female Slave Rag symbolises the Sharia and the demand that all people everywhere must submit to the Sharia…or else!

    I find it no less offensive than I would find the sight of a person parading in the KKK hood and robe, or a neonazi wearing full Gestapo/ SS uniform complete with swastika armband and deathshead badge.

    Indeed the closest analogy to a muslim female flaunting her slave rag/ Sharia Badge in the street of any non-Muslim country anywhere in the world today, would be someone who chose to don a Swastika armband and parade in public with it in France in July 1939, chanting “Heil Hitler!”

    (And Muslim males engaging in street-blocking/ footpath-blocking Mass Threat Displays ie so-called “prayers” in Lakemba or wherever are doing the equivalent of a Nazi rally.)

  2. The key part is in the street of any non-Muslim country anywhere in the world today.

    In muslim countries say for example Malaysia ,the hijab is quite common.

    It is worn to confirm, not only to make a political statement,but to say I am part of the group.Bit like a sarong in parts of Asia,sort of expected.

    But in Non muslim countries you do not have to do that.

  3. Malaysian men I know say whenever they go back there are more and more women covering up but even in the Middle East not too long ago , women were not hearing head badges. I think it is just a statement when worn in Western countries

  4. The Hijab is not a fashion trend, it’s a prison uniform!

    It’s also an insult to both sexes; from Sura 33:59, it is a slanderous statement that implies the muslim men (and all men, just like Muhammad) are so at the mercy of their hormones, that they must molest and rape any and all women they can see; so it’s always the women’s own fault for not covering up. It also says the muslim men have a duty to molest and rape all the infidel women for not covering up!

    “O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their cloaks over their bodies. That will be better so that they will be known so as not to be molested. And Allâh is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.” (Qur’ân 33:59)

    How will they “be known” in the freedom sack?! Certainly not as in: “Oh, I know her! Hi, Mary!” but “known” as muslimas – as members of the gang! And why is this important? “so as not to be molested!”

    Which again implies that muslims DID and always WILL “molest” (i.e: rape,) all the NON-muslim (“infidel”) women! That it’s the infidel women’s faults, because they don’t cover up, that the muslim men “must” molest (rape) them!

    Moe also said women are created by allah as domesticated animals, created for men’s pleasure, and like fields to be tilled at wil by them.


    Before Moe, covering up was optional; any fool could ignore it if they wanted to. The tafsir ahadith isnads (supplemental, explanatory material apending the Qur’an) explain that the Sura in question (33:59) arose because Moe’s wives were seen by moonlight as they went potty outside his tent one night. But, quite unlike any other self-respecting warlord, who would have had the peeping tom executed for spying on his wives, Moe agreed with the man and blamed his victims, (his own wives) perhaps because the peeper was a rich or influential member of an allied tribe.


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