The Perverts Among Us Don't celebrate Anzac Day


Don’t celebrate Anzac Day: Hizb ut Tahrir.

Muslims should not celebrate Anzac day because it is a “superficial, jingoistic” date that marks Australian colonial aggression against the Muslim world, according to radical Muslim group Hizb ut Tahrir.Barney Zwartz

Andrew Bolt:

You know it’s Anzac Day because the Left is wailing – not over the fallen soldiers but because others mourn their sacrifice for this country: Anzac Day makes the Left cry

A Bolt reader writes to the Australian Catholic University’s Professor Neil Ormerod wondering if he really is as hostile to free speech as he seems.

The disturbing answer is yes. Would people like Neil Ormerod have defended Christ’s right to preach?

Immigration Minister Scott Morrisson:

 Refugees just need safety. So why not Cambodia?

“It’s not about whether they are poor, it’s about whether they can be safe. The [refugee] convention was not designed as an economic advancement program… “

Melbourne Multiculti Wakademic Shakira Hussein:

Melbourne University multiculturalism academic Shakira Hussein claims to be worried about “hate speech” that makes people feel unsafe and so “hampered its targets’ ability to access public space”: