The sellout continues….

Labor or Liberal, the sellout continues. Our political establishment sux up to Muselmaniacs.  Overpaid apparatchiks bow and scrape before Mohammedan savages. A sad state of affairs.
Press Conference on the Security Council’s programme of work for September 2013HE Mr Gary Quinlan, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations, kowtows to the OIC:

.. Australia welcomes the OIC’s efforts along with the UN to foster a global dialogue for the promotion of tolerance and peace, and we were pleased to co-sponsor the OIC’s General Assembly resolution on combating intolerance due to religion or belief. We strongly support enhanced cooperation to improve understanding across countries and cultures, as evidenced by Australia’s role in co-chairing over the past decade the Regional Interfaith Dialogue in South East Asia with our close partner and OIC member, Indonesia. … (thanks to Mullah/pbuh)

What a prostitute.

Central African Republic

Cry me a river:

Anti-Muslim violence in the Central African Republic has almost completely emptied the country of Muslims who have fled to neighboring countries.

When muselmaniacs are weak, they ask for hudna (ceasefire) and ‘dialogue’. When the soldiers of allah have the upper hand, they are ruthless to the unbelievers. Show no mercy:

If Christians do not want to live with us… then we will ask to be evacuated to the [predominantly-Muslim] north,”– (…the Christians of the CAR had enough of Muslim BS, jihad, sharia and mass-murder. Can’t blame them for not wanting Muslim foxes in their hen houses….)

That’ll be interesting:

Kenya needs to hit them hard:

Islam claims the world


Its to laugh, its to cry:

Child Senator Sarah Hanson-Young does not only support laws which dangerously restrict our freedom to debate issues she deems too sensitive. She also doesn’t much like being corrected even in a Senate committee by a public servant patiently explaining the law:

Who the hell does she think she is?  (Andrew Bolt)

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      Nicolai Sennels Apr 4, 2014

      Hamed Abdel-Samad is an Egyptian born political scientist, historian and author, now living in Germany. He is the son of a Sunni imam, but has dedicated the recent years of his life to warning against the political side of Islam. Via, translated by Sandra and Nicolai Sennels from Welt: He claims Islam to have “fascistic characteristics” […]

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