UK: Muslim Health Workers Refuse to Rat on Muslim Terrorists

Familiar behaviour from the usual suspects:

UK fails to convince Muslim health workers to participate in counter-terror plan

Muslims in the UK say they are unfairly targeted by programme asking medical workers to identify potential ‘terrorists’.

One nurse said trainers were careful to avoid mentioning Muslims. However, medical staff were told that the main terrorist threat to the UK comes from Islamist groups, and the violent acts mentioned were mostly incidents perpetrated by Muslims.

She added that identifying potential terrorists was not part of her job as a health worker. “It’s actually something that the police should be doing,” she said. “Offering this training, it’s almost as if we’re becoming government informants.”

Can’t have that now, can we?

Jahan Mahmood, a historian and former adviser to the government’s counter-terrorism unit, said that while Prevent mentions possible extremism from a range of groups, “there is a disproportionate focus on Muslims, there is no doubt about that. And that’s also one of the reasons it’s failed to gain traction with the Muslim population”.

“Terror made me victorious”, said Muhammad, the profit of Islam. 1.5 billion Muselmaniacs follow his teachings. A tiny minority of excremists deny what these core teachings are. These scumbags engage in taqiyya to fool gullible infidels.

Parliament debates “Schedule 7” legislation, which allows police to detain travellers for hours without suspicion.