What good is a judiciary which tolerates an alien cult(-ure) over ours….?

The judiciary is required to reflect the values of our culture… and it clearly does not!

There is one cult-(ure) that is alien to Australians who have, until now, welcomed all-comers… and that’s the culture of Islam.

JAFFARIThere’s a message for PM Abbott in the public’s response to the Ali Jaffari story.

The avalanche of white-hot hostility toward the decision of Geelong Magistrate, Ron Saines, was unmatched in its genuine rage. This issue is not about race (sick perverted paedophiles like Jaffari infect every race) it’s about a judiciary which tolerates an alien culture over ours. (Pickeringpost)

Everything you eat is halal. And YOU are paying for it:

If you think the Halal scam is a rort, wait ‘til you read the next article on Sharia banking. It’s already in operation here and it’s already costing you money.

Again the Government says it can’t (or won’t) act to stop it.

Like bacteria in a petri dish, an all-pervasive Sharia law has silently, overnight, eaten into your life-style and bank account. A bacterial bath of Islamic “culture” is feeding on its host’s nutrients and, when sated, it is programmed to move on to the next host.

Islam has found a way to force every Australian family to donate to the Islamic cause and you’ve been living under a rock if you think terrorism isn’t one of its causes.  Impossible you say? I thought so too, until I searched for a list of foods that are Halal compliant.

Sharia is coming and there is nothing you can do about it, infidel:

Ask any Muslim leader and he (there are only “hes”) will tell you Sharia law is coming to the West and there’s nothing the West can do about it. He will also declare that democracy will be abolished, the Islam faith will be adopted by all and non-compliance will unfortunately require the removal of your head.

“It’s just a matter of time”, is the oft-quoted phrase and time, including various explosive devices, his steely black eyes will confirm he has plenty of.

The financial arm of the movement, Sharia Banking, is also booming with the assistance of local banks like the NAB. There’s a superannution fund offering good interest rates and a housing scheme where you pay no interest or stamp duty at all, allowing you to give the finger to the infidel next door.

One thought on “What good is a judiciary which tolerates an alien cult(-ure) over ours….?”

  1. Sharia-compliant banking means what –
    “Give muslims free money or else!”?

    Sharia “law” (crime) differs from our laws in that it is the exact opposite of real LAW.

    Our Law is, as I noted above, based on negative rights; on the Golden Rule of Law’s simple “Do Not Attack First” principle.

    Islam’s sharia is based on the exact opposite – on what I call the slanderously brazen rule of chaos, or basically “It is our holy right and duty to our god to always attack all the infidels first (before they can ‘inevitably’ attack us)!”

    From this “THOU SHALT KILL!” credo, they inflict distrust, stagnation, and barbarism on them selves and on everyone else.

    Our laws are based on “Everything is forbidden, except that which is specifically agreed to” (between individual humans); all life is regulated a socio-economic contract agreement principle, where rights only come with concommitant, corollary responsibilities, and one isn’t allowed to do anything TO or FOR another unasked; while theirs is based on the exact opposite, on “Everything is allowed, except that which is specifically forbidden” i.e: We can have rights without responsibilities. I can take all your stuff if you don’t notice &/or don’t have the force-of-numbers gangster strength to stop me; it’s all us-versus-them, and group-might-made “rights!” Because, after all, allah can do everything he wants, both to and for anyone, and the Qur’an says Muhammad says Gebril says allah says he wants us to give everything in the world – including what you only think is your stuff – to Muhammad.

    But in reality, extortion is always a crime.

    Islam’s Sharia is either compatable with our Western, morality-based law (in which case it is superfluous) or it is not (in which case it is illegal).

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