"Angry Asylum Seekers"

The independent review into riots at the Manus Island detention centre in PNG on February 16-18 found protests exploded into fatal violence after months of tension between the mainly Iranian asylum seekers and the PNG nationals working there.

Quite frankly, I don’t give a shiite.

But anyhow:

Manus Island: guards didn’t take it lightly when Muslims called them ‘baboons’  and shouted “f*kc your mother…”


Well, he certainly wasn’t an “asylum seeker” or a “refugee”, as the ABC continually refers to him as. He was a well-heeled Iranian illegal immigrant who was beguiled by the promise of a land of milk and honey where people are actually paid not to work. Larry Pickering

The ABC and Fairfax in July last year heralded Rudd’s P-NG solution as an “election masterstroke”. 


The Post reported the next day: “The truth is that it’s a time bomb that will not explode until after the election, it will again be Abbott’s problem. P-NG is a nation of murderous head-shrinking savages whose religion is black magic and voodoo with a sprinkling of bastardised Christianity. It has a currency in pigs. Pigs are an indicator of wealth. As nearly all boat people are Muslim, settlement there is an inconceivable proposition. P-NG’s cities are known as the most dangerous in the world and anyone even considering building a mosque there would find themselves on the menu at the next kukim long paia.”

Security company G4S had hired locals with bush knives who react poorly to the term, “fucking ape!” The discredited Salvation Army also employed locals who aren’t used to turning the other cheek.

If you had to choose a place on the planet an Islamist would rather not be, it would be P-NG.

Perhaps that’s the idea.