Belgium's Muslim Community Fears 'Backlash' Over Jewish Museum Massacre


Netanyahu: Anti-Israel “Slander and Lies” Caused Deadly Brussels Museum Attack

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, May 24,

Four people were killed today after a gunman opened fire in a Brussels Museum.

One person has been arrested and police are looking for a second suspect.

Israeli Prime Minister blamed the attack on a anti-Israel attitudes and “constant incitement against Jews” in Europe.  The Times of Israel reported: (GWP)

Tomorrow’s headlines today.
Just sit back and watch the usual suspects regurgitate their obligatory lies apologies for infidel consumption.
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From the Daily Mail,  the BBC, the Telegraph, the Australian and RTBF

BRUSSELS (AP) — At least three people were killed and one seriously injured in a spree of gunfire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on Saturday, officials said.

Two women and one man are dead, a third person is in hospital,” Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said at the scene. “We don’t yet know if they were tourists or staff, they haven’t been identified.”

Hugh Fitzgerald:

Euronews has as its leading stories the following (all but one have to do, in some way, with Muslims):

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Ivan Rioufol:

Ivan Rioufol asks where are the Muslims who will denounce the treatment of Meriam, sentenced to death in Sudan for marrying a Christian, though she has said she was raised as a Christian herself, and refuses to consider herself a Muslim just because her father, long absent, was Muslim And he considers the testimony of two people — Hamid Zanaz and Malika Sorel — who, raised as Muslims in France, and having clearly rejected its tenets, are themselves horrified at the way the elites of France have chosen to ignore the steady encroachments of Islam, its aggressive adherents always ready to demand more accommodation, and changes to Western, non-Muslim societies, unless they are firmly rebuffed, and more than rebuffed. And that  has not happened.

The article, and many interesting comments, here.

One thought on “Belgium's Muslim Community Fears 'Backlash' Over Jewish Museum Massacre”

  1. I just hope there will be – finally – a backlash at the muslim “community” who keep infecting the world with murder, massacres, slave-raids, and just about everything ugly and evil one can imagine.

    ENOUGH ALREADY ! GET THEM ! and dont spare the vermin of dirty collaborators either such as the creeps who spread the filth of racist, jew-hating BDS etc.

    And lets stop with the empty blablablabla….we dont know if it’s anti-semitic…..Belgium is peaceful…we never had any problems LIES BLOODY LIES !

    Belgium has been rotten to the core for a while already !

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