Jihad in Belgium: 'at least three' killed in massacre near Jewish museum in Belgium


 ‘It’s not a coincidence that the target was a Jewish museum.’ – Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur

A SUSPECTED terrorist gunman was in custody tonight after murdering three people and leaving another seriously injured at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

Belgium: Koranimal shoots Jews near Jewish Museum (Le Monde)

That’s Islam. Unimaginable savagery.

Prepare yourself for the weasel words from the usual cabal of cringing dhimmies:  did the local leaders of the Jewish community put out a press release already condemning Islamophobia?

I can give you tomorrow’s headlines today:

“Muslim community in Belgium fears ‘backlash’ over Jew-murders…”


“Three Killed In Shooting Near Jewish Museum,” SKY News, May 24, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

(Actually, the killer ENTERED the museum and started to shoot, and apparently he had an accomplice.)

Gunmen drew up in a car and began firing indiscriminately at passers-by in the “anti-Semitic” attack in the Belgian capital.

Three people have been killed and another seriously injured in a shooting outside the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

Belgian Interior Minister Joelle Milquet has tweeted to say he believes it was an “anti-Semitic attack”.

Two women and a man are thought to have been killed.

Sky’s Robert Nisbet said a local website quoted witnesses as saying an Audi drove up to the museum and two men got out and began firing indiscriminately at passers-by.

There is a cure for this:



The Brussels museum highlights the suffering of Jews who were murdered, tortured and imprisoned during the Nazi Holocaust.

In 2012 a French-Algerian anti-Semitic fanatic called Mohamed Merah gunned down seven people in and around the south western French city of Toulouse before being killed in a shootout with police.

Among the victims of the 23-year-old Al-Qaeda supporter were three Jewish children and a rabbi who were murdered infront of their schools.

In the face of such savagery, security groups have launched numerous clamp-downs on extremists, including in cities in Belgium, which has a large Muslim population.

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  1. Isi Leibler, writing last year, on those pushing anti-Semitism in Belgium:

    Manfred Gerstenfeld’s most recent book, Demonizing Israel and the Jews, documents evidence of the depressingly high levels of European anti-Semitism, highlighting the frequent employment of Holocaust inversion as a vehicle to incite Jew-hatred. He notes that opinion polls indicate that nearly half of all European adults – close to 150 million people – are today convinced that Israelis behave toward the Palestinians like the Nazis did toward the Jews.

    This trend was corroborated in a recent report (published by the Gatestone Institute) exposing an outrageous situation in Belgium, the country of my birth …

    The report described an extraordinary Belgian primer for teachers of “Holocaust Remembrance” which appeared on the official central Flanders educational website database. Endorsed and funded by the Education Ministry, the template, designed for teachers of 6-12 year olds, shamelessly promoted hatred of Israel, and anti-Semitism, employing the crudest forms of Holocaust inversion.

    It even reproduced a cartoon which had initially appeared in 2009 at the notorious Tehran Holocaust Denial conference, depicting a Jewish concentration camp inmate impaled on barbed wire in the form of a swastika. Entitled “Never Again,” it was accompanied by a caricature of an Arab in the same position titled “Over Again.” The message conveyed is crystal clear – Israelis, descendants of Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust, are treating the Arabs in the same manner as the Nazis treated their forebears…

    The reality is that frenzied hatred of Israel has today become an endemic component of political discourse in Brussels, the official capital of Europe and headquarters of NATO…

    The Muslim population has significantly increased and now represents a powerful electoral force. In the capital, Brussels, where the most popular baby name is Mohammed, Muslims comprise 30% of the electorate.

    It is predicted that by 2020 they will amount to 10% of the entire population. They are the major new element contributing toward the exponential growth and saturation of society with rabid anti-Semitism.

    Hatred of Jews is usually but not exclusively manifested as anti-Israelism. The Jewish community has been under increasing pressure and last year, anti- Semitic incidents, including desecration and vandalism of Jewish institutions as well as violence directed against Jews, rose by a steep 30%.

    The anti-Jewish climate and violence against Jews is particularly intense in Antwerp, where 50% of schoolchildren choose Islamic studies.

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