Child molester Ali Jaffari’s visa cancelled by federal government…

CONVICTED child sex predator Ali Jaffari has had his protection visa cancelled by the federal government, a court has heard. (Herald Sun)

THE frightening possibility of convicted child sex abuser Ali Jaffari attacking another child has been prevented by the Immigration Department decision to cancel the protection visa granted to him as a refugee.

The Afghan national will now be deported, or put into detention if released on bail on child pornography charges.

The Herald Sun called on Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to deport Jaffari, who was seen following children near the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and schools in the area.

Mr Morrison is believed to be moving to tighten immigrations laws that prevented Jaffari being deported although he had been convicted of a sex offence and placed on the sex offenders register.

Charges were dropped after another incident in which a magistrate said he would have difficulty in convicting Jaffari because of “cultural differences”.

This was a ridiculous assertion and Jaffari has now been charged with having violent child porn images on a computer.

The Afghan Government must be made fully aware of the reasons for Jaffari’s expected deportation.