Pat Condell: Sweden's Gone Insane

Sweden’s Suicide Pact With The Devil

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Case in point, this is how the Left treats the Swedish Democrats in Sweden while the police play pocket pool. left-wing vandals make it impossible for Jimmie Åksesson to make a speech in Göteborg: (thanks to the TT)

Sharia in Sweden: New Law Criminalizes Criticism of Islam

SWEDEN JIHAD  (Israpundit)

 Any Swede who offends or insult “immigrants” (Euro-speak for Muslims) or immigration (hijra) will be subject to prosecution. That is Islamic law.

Danish journalist Mikael Jalving, author of the book Absolut Sweden, said that if it can be “proven” that you don’t support immigration, “you’re out of the game.” Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist explains that you become a pariah, stating, “If they point at you and say you are a racist, then you will have no job, no career, you might lose your family. You will have no future.
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2 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Sweden's Gone Insane”

  1. all Europe is more or less at that point!…very soon THEY will be in charge everywhere people don’t want to see what is happening

  2. The Swedish people in this video seem to be very foolish and self hating. They seem to think that Muslims are good and mean to treat them well. We see that the Islamists have turned Malmo into a big rape camp where Muslims rape ethnic Swedish women with impunity. This is what the fools in the protest video above want to defend. They will soon have no freedom at all and be under Sharia law. So very sad and really insane.
    Here in the U.S. I plan to fight the same kind of thing by joining politically with others who agree with me. Fight back or die Sweden, Europe and the U.S. too!!

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