Drugdealer's son converts to Islam, because allah is most forgiving and merciful…

Like Father, Like Son:

Criminal son of South Australia’s most wanted fugitive says its all good now, will convert to Islam….

THE son of Rodney Clavell has blamed his fugitive father’s influence for a steroid-fuelled spree of driving, drug and assault offences — but says he will rehabilitate by turning to Islam.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court today branded Daniel Joel Clavell “belligerent and defiant” as it sentenced him for a series of offences committed between August 2013 and January this year.

Clavell repeatedly drove without a licence, had steroids in his possession, assaulted a man in his 60s without provocation and intimidated another by “baring his teeth like a dog”.

But defence lawyer Nikki Conley said the criminal acts of her client — who smirked, yawned and tapped his fingers throughout the hearing — could be traced back to his infamous father.