Egyptian Cleric: [The Jews are] our eternal enemies. Never talk about peace with the Jews. Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews…

Egyptian Cleric Mustafa Al-Aqsari:  U.S. Trying to Divide Islamic World, in Keeping with a Bernard Lewis Plan,


In a Friday sermon, Egyptian cleric Mustafa Al-Aqsari said that Bernard Lewis was responsible for “the most dangerous enterprise in history – the plan to divide the Islamic world into mini-states” and that this plot had been ratified by Congress in 1993. The sermon was posted on the Internet on April 17, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Mustafa Al-Aqsari: [The Jews are] our eternal enemies. Dear brothers, never talk about eternal peace with the Jews. “Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews.” From the day the Prophet Muhammad was sent and until Judgment Day, our war with the Jews rages.

Did Huyay Ibn Akhtab [a Jewish leader in the days of the Prophet Muhammad] really die, or does he live on in our days? Is there a modern Huyay? Yes. The Huyay Ibn Akhtab of modern times is a man called Bernard Lewis.

This man, my brothers, is a British national. He is Jewish by religion, the son of two Jewish parents. He is ideologically Zionist, and he is an American citizen. He combines all that is evil. He was born in 1916. This man was an advisor to U.S. Presidents Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.

He is responsible for the most dangerous enterprise in history – the plan to divide the Islamic world into mini-states. All you need to do is to type on the Internet: “Bernard Lewis, the plot to divide the Islamic world.” This is not, my brothers in faith, what some people call “a conspiracy theory.” This is what we believe according to our religion.

This plot was published in the journal of the U.S. Department of Defense. Furthermore, U.S. Congress unanimously ratified this man’s plan in 1993.

Hugh Fitzgerald:


Here is Egyptian cleric Mustafa Al-Aqsari, locating  the latest center of evil in 98-year-old Bernard Lewis, described as a modern avatar of an early Jewish opponent of Muhammad.  And he says that some accuse Muslims of having conspiracy theories, but this is not a conspiracy theory, it’s “our religion.”

Islam will forever keep Musliims in a state of semi-dementia and wretchedness. That’s okay. Who cares? The problem is when we non-Muslims  have Musliims admitted — by others, in distant offices, doing not the bidding of the people whose interests and well-being the government that sets and administers the immigration programs claims to be able to protect. And these Muslims arrive as “refugees” who are said to be “seeking a better life” (why, who could deny anyone that? How churlish to want to examine the effect of such people on the people of the Infidel lands, among whom those “refugees” claim the right to be settled?). But they arrive,  not as refugees from the Nazis and Communists did, which is to say,  making it a point to warn those who gave them refuge against Nazis and Communists. No, Muslims bring, often undeclared or underdeclared in their mental baggage, Islam itself, and Islam itself has a hold over the minds of its adherents which is incomparably stronger, and much more dangerous, than non-Muslims realize. Nor does this adherence have to be obvious. Some who continue to call themselves Muslims, indeed, by their mere outward aspect, and programmatic affability, and mastery of taqqiya, kitman, call it what you will, become plausible  explainers-away of what, in their hard-headed moments, sensible non-Muslims know to be true, but cannot quite believe.

A non-Muslim who has read the texts — Qur’an, Hadith, Sira — with understanding, an understanding that comes with repeated readings and with some study of useful guides (by non-Muslims and Muslims) and who has observed the evidence that day after day the news freshly brings, will have drawn certain melancholy conclusions about Islam and its adherents. Ahd whatever the outward and visible sign of the degree of their commitment to, acceptance of, Islam as a Total System, knowledge that even the most seeming “moderate” may deliberately be concealing his true views, and in any case there are so many examples of those who undergo a sudden “radicalization” (meaning: a new heartfelt, fanatical faith that may not have been held or  displayed before), should be enough to give any non-Muslim pause, and more than pause.

And who can deny the truth of the following proposition, posted at this site dozens of tiimes:

The large-scale presence of Muslims in the West has created a situation that is far mor unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous for non-Muslims, both natives and non-Muslim immigrants, than would be the case without that presence.

But even so, a general hopelessness, a but-what-can-we-do? attitude, prevails and inhibits the mildest of self-protective legislation, and Muslims are still allowed in, still given all kinds of expensive benefits, still allowed to demand accommodations of every sort and consequent limts on the freedoms of the native non-Muslims (from exclusively halal meals in some institutions, to changes in the curriculum in the schools, to punishment of non-Infidels for exercises of free speech), and hijabs bloom in the gardens of the West, even in those places once deemed secure from such presences, from Primrose Hill to Park Place.