Eternal Gratitute

Germany Looks After Wounded Headbangers From the Syrian Jihad

Nursing injured rattlesnakes so they can bite us better. They will repay their debt of gratitude by demanding sharia in Germany. They went to Syria to fight Assad, the Christians and the Alevites, to turn Syria into yet another Islamic hell hole purely islamic society. They will not stop there.

Taxayer Funded  Hospitals Put Wounded al Qaeda Terrorists Back Together


Syria: The wounds of war jihad

The personal stories of three members of the Syrian opposition forces treated for critical wounds in Germany.

A teacher, a farmer, and a professional soldier all became revolutionary fighters in the Free Syrian Army. When they were badly injured, they were flown to Germany for treatment at a hospital in Berlin. All three fighters now have to face the decision about whether to return to Syria when they are fully recovered.

No place in Germany is more heavily in depth than heavily enriched, socialist Berlin.

Al Abboud, a teacher, whose entire family has joined the Free Syrian Army (FSA), finds comfort in drawing after his eldest son was killed in a battle, but still he seems determined to re-join the FSA once on his feet again.

Mahmoud Lakud, a former soldier, who defected from the Syrian army and joined the FSA, decides to stay in Germany after recovering from his injuries and applies for asylum.

Asylum from what? From Islam? From jihad?

Mahmoud Naqawa, a farmer, left Germany for a refugee camp in Jordan to take care of his two younger brothers, the only survivors of their family not killed by government bombing.

While he was in the hospital, his fiancée waited for him in Jordan, and when he got back, they married in the camp. He would gladly return to Syria to fight again if his injured arm would allow him. 

He should be evicted at once.

In other news:

 “A lot more terror attacks coming our way”: former NSA chief 

No doubt about it.We reap what Obama sows. (Pamela Geller)

Obama has worked furiously to dismantle the Bush-era counter-terror programs and national security initiatives, turning our intel agencies over to Muslim Brotherhood operatives while targeting patriots, counter-jihad voices and tea partiers. At the same time, he literally flooded the country with Islamic terror operatives.When it crumbles, it will be devastating.The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America

‘A lot more terror attacks coming our way:’ former NSA chief,” By Adame Edelman, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

U.S. can’t track all of the American jihadists home from SyriaNeither can the EUro-dhimmies. /Comments

“Senior American intelligence officials tell The Daily Beast that they believe between six and 12 Americans who have gone to Syria to fight Assad have now returned to America.” They can’t find twelve guys? Are intelligence officials too busy conducting outreach meetings with Muslim Brotherhood groups in the U.S., so as to reassure Muslims that […] Continue Reading »