The 'Trojan Horse' in France

Hugh Fitzgerald:

The death threats were sent to the head of the IUT, at his work, at his house. Not only has he been repeatredly threatened, but the members of his family, his children. Why? Because a Muslim teacher who had packed the employment rolls with fellow Muslims who did no work, but received payment, was after an investigation let go. And because he opposed the wearing of the veil in school, a laic institution. And because he was concerned about proselytizing by Muslims.

TROJANHORSE1Think of all the teachers, all over France, trying to deal with Muslim students who don’t want to learn about French history, the kings of France, the Enlightenment, the Revolution, the Second World War (and especially about the Nazi murders of Jews, which causes “sympathy for Jews” and that is intolerable), who don’t want to read Montaigne, Voltaire, Chateaubriand, Proust either because of what they have written, or because — in the case of Montaigne and Proust — their origins.

Think of all those bullying and scaring their non-Muslim classmates, terrifying some of them into wanting to join their gang, the Gang of Islam, in order to be free from Muslim attack (at schools as in prisons). Think of the girls scared into wearing the Hijab.

The terrifying tale, here.


The investigations in the UK are far from over:

Michael Gove calls for further schools investigations after Trojan Horse affair

Michael Gove has ordered snap investigations into Muslim schools in several cities around England, widening the focus outside of the so-called Trojan Horse allegations of an Islamist plot involving state schools inBirmingham.

Dhimmies find this scandal “very unpleasant”.

“It’s an attack on a lot of very good work to get Muslims involved in education for their children, raising standards, over 20 or 30 years.