For CAIR Agitprops Every Islamic Terrorist is a Hero

‘I Just About Vomited’: Texas Man Says He’s Sickened After Hearing Chicago Arab & Muslim Community Praise His Brother’s Terrorist Killer

Arab and Muslim American organizations – along with radical left-wing academics and a Quaker group – are closing ranks behind a convicted Palestinian terrorist who on Wednesday rejected a plea deal that would have allowed her to avoid a 10-year prison sentence for failing to disclose her terrorist past to U.S. immigration authorities.

Another steaming pile of taqiyya from the usual suspects in China:

 They say those who carried out the attacks are extremists and not truly Muslims and also that violence is against their faith.

“This kind of attack is against humanity. We Muslim students are very angry and don’t understand their behavior, because a true Muslim will not hurt innocent civilians,” he said.

No unbeliever is innocent in Islam. Non Muslims are guilty of rejecting Muhammad and must be killed.

All your universities belong to Allah and his profit

DePaul Catholic university desperately needs professors of “intercultural communications.” A more accurate description might be, “propagandist for Islam.”  (Blazing Cat Fur)

Universities, outside of the science and technical fields, are utterly hopeless: nothing but agitprop for the leftist Mohammedan way of life.