Turks Rally For and Against Erdogan, in Germany

Resisting the spread of Islam causes war. It forces peaceful Muslims to commit acts of terror for which the infidels are responsible.

(Reuters) Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan told a cheering arena of 16,000 diaspora supporters in Germany on Saturday to integrate but not assimilate and slammed German criticism of his response to a mining tragedy, in a defiant hour-long speech.

One Speaker Said ‘Germany Did Nothing For Turks’

Iran Press TV claims ‘tens of thousands’ protested against the bastard.

United in anger at Erdogan | Germany | DW.DE | 25.05.2014

Erdogan and his Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) have polarised Turks at home and abroad over what critics call his authoritarian style, a crackdown on civil liberties and corruption scandals under his rule.


Brazil World Cup a Great Venue For Da’awa:

250,000 Qurans to be distributed at Brazil World Cup

Germany: Sick Turk attacks hospital nurse because “too many crosses on wall”

Germany: Sick Turk attacks hospital nurse because “too many crosses on wall”

St. Joseph Hospital is Catholic. Via 10news.dk, translated by Nicolai Sennels from Mainpost: A 34-year-old went to St. Joseph Hospital early on Saturday morning due to a “gastro-intestinal flu.” Suddenly he refused to be treated, because he thought there were too many Christian crosses on the wall. Because of the crosses, the man started insulting […] Continue Reading »

Germany ‘kept records’ of mosque attendees in Lower Saxony

A sermon to inspire peace and love in Bahrain:

 Bahrain sermon: Jews and Christians envy Muslims and destroy our families. A wife can never match a man, even if she sucks puss out of his wounds.

Bahrain is known to be the most modern and liberal of all Arab countries. Here is a demonstration of that liberty for you.

This is how delusional Muslims truly are. Jews and Christians “envy” the sub-human savages of Islam so much because they have a perfect life, that the kuffar wants to destroy Muslims from within by destroying the family structure. And how do they do it? By international laws demanding minimum age for marriage (no more legalizedMufakhazat Alzigaar, or pedophilia of infants), education for women, and to ‘diminish the value’ of the Muslim male. (The Muslim Issue)

The Muslim male has some sort of value??