Friday Roundup

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Establishment Jews are full of shiite and a disgrace to the tribe:

The Anti-Defamation League condemned Wednesday as “highly offensive and inflammatory” an anti-Muslim bus ad campaign featuring images of Adolf Hitler meeting with the Palestinian mufti of Jerusalem.


Pakistani Muslim fundamentalists’ fixation with blasphemy has found a new target, with one of the country’s most popular private television networks under fire after airing a clip that its critics say insulted Mohammed’s daughter.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has agreed to meet Bradford MPs over the activities of a far right group at Bradford mosques.

Pastor James McConnell likened “cells” of Muslims in Britain to the IRA as he addressed a congregation at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in north Belfast on Sunday.

Texas can no longer discriminate against Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses in its prisons, a judge reaffirmed in a ruling made public recently.


The Dutch foreign minister says he may fly to Saudi Arabia in a bid to ease anger in Riyadh over anti-Islam messages distributed by firebrand lawmaker Geert Wilders.

Thousands of women, children and activists marched in Pakistan’s volatile province of Baluchistan on Wednesday in a protest against a campaign by an Islamist group to force schools to shut down across the region.

In her 2002 speech supporting the invasion of Afghanistan, former First Lady Laura Bush argued that one of the benefits of going to war was the liberation of Muslim women, who were rejoicing at their freedom from the oppressive veil and burqa.

Chinese-Hater, Christian Basher? Who is Isma's Abdullah Zaik?

Controversial Radical headbanger NGO Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia is increasingly in the limelight, especially after its labelling of the country’s minorities, which includes unsavoury terms such as “pendatang” and “penceroboh” .